When Given the Chance to Sit Down or Dance, Always Dance

May 26, 2017

Upon initial review of the word disabled, it doesn’t take long to realize that it simply means, the lack of ability. Now, who is it that determines which abilities one must be lacking in order to be defined as such?

Is there a single individual that exists in this world with the ability to do any and everything humanly possible? Of course not. Honestly, that would just be silly! So then, if an individual lacks a skill or ability in one area, yet excels in another, why the label “disabled?” I’m not sure that this makes a person anything aside from exactly what we are all intended to be…which is human.

Each of us are different, unique, talented in our own way, and perfectly flawed, just the way it was intended: all of us, exactly as and who we are supposed to be.

Disabled, is the last word that comes to mind when watching Jerron Herman perfect his life talent and gift.  This is not a man that is lacking ability, but rather one that is more capable than many. Faced with a challenge, he rose to the occasion, and nailed it! Jerron, who has defied all medical odds is a fighter, strong willed, passionate and an incredibly amazing dancer. He is abled.

Way to go Jerron! Also, a huge kudos to New Dance Alliance and New 42nd Street Studios in New York. You helped Jerron uncover his gift!

Jerron Herman is a powerful dancer using his cerebral palsy to lift up his choreography. As a professional dancer at Heidi Latsky Dance, Jerron is defying every expectation, creating performances that inspire others to keep moving.

Posted by Great Big Story on Thursday, May 4, 2017

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