A Father-Daughter Dance to Remember in a Place They’d Like to Forget

April 27, 2017

What began eight years ago, as a way to bring girls and their fathers closer together, is now an annual event that is truly one of a kind. Angela Patton, the founder of Camp Diva, explains in her TEDxWomen Talk just how this idea was created, and the amazing results it has had.

When a parent is absent, in the end, it is ultimately¬†the children that are affected the most. They often miss out on things that those with both parents in the home take for granted. Well, that just doesn’t seem fair at all, and it looks like the state of Virginia agrees.

Watch as these daughters and dads forget about everything but the moment that they are in. Watch the troubled faces disappear, replaced with unequivocal joy, and the freedom to simply enjoy each other.

Although non-traditional, these moments are equally important, memorable and deserved by these girls and their fathers, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the venue.



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