Even Through Tragedy, This Brave Six-Year Wants to Make Others Smile

April 6, 2017

It’s funny, the things that we allow to simply ‘ruin’ our day are by comparison to real struggles minuscule at best. Spilling coffee on our shirt as we are heading to work. A terrible morning commute. Or, simply having a bad hair day. All to often, that luster in life that you get from enjoying the little things is often dulled by inconsequential issues. Simply, far too often we let the little things get to us and determine our day.

Seeing this young man smile through tragedy, and also want to spread that joy with others, really puts things into perspective. Through the worst case scenario for any child, he still seeks to find the good in another person’s happiness. This young man is going to do great things with the gift of life he has been given.

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