Northern Lights Proposal Setting Raises the Bar for Future Husbands

March 8, 2017

Dale Sharp waited a full year to ask Karlie Russell to marry him. Dale had snuck an engagement ring into a jar of hand cream last year hoping to propose to his girlfriend. Unbeknownst to him, when their luggage weighed too much, Karlie took that jar and other “unnecessary items” out of their bags. So, his proposal had to wait.

But this year he kept the ring at hand and they headed to Norway. As a couple and professional photographers, Dale and Karlie have traveled to Arctic Circle countries 30 times to capture nature’s finest light show. In what they describe as the most spectacular aurora borealis’ they have ever seen, Dale set the camera on timer and got down on his knee. Karlie said “yes,” and the moment was forever captured. Perhaps the most powerful proposal photo ever, this romantic setting sets a new standard for future husband’s hoping to impress their fiances-to-be.

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