A Celebrity Gives Up His Seat on the Subway So a Woman Can Sit Down

March 8, 2017

There are two very awesome things about this story,  one of them that Keanu Reeves still rides the subway after a life of success and being worth millions. The other is that when nobody was watching  – or so he thought – he immediately did the right thing. He hops right up and allows a woman to take his seat on a crowded subway.

This random act of kindness was secretly caught on film and proves that the Hollywood lifestyle doesn’t always mean limo rides in Beverly Hills. It doesn’t always mean that those in the limelight forget what it is like to deal with the ‘regular public’ at all. In fact, Keanu Reeves has had a life filled with tragedy, both before and throughout his career;  most of which has been kept pretty quiet.  At a young age, his father left him and his siblings. He also suffered the loss of his best friend, River Phoenix, shortly after they graduated high school. Then, in 1999, he dealt with the death of his daughter who was stillborn at 8 months, followed by the death of his daughter’s mother a year and a half later. Later, his sister Kim was diagnosed with Leukemia, which she survived due to fantastic medical care. To show his gratitude, he donated 70% of his proceeds from the Matrix to a foundation that researches the disease.

Through tragedy, he is still focused on giving back where he can, and appreciates life more than money. He never allowed riches to callus or harden him, nor has he allowed his millions go to his head, taking him out of the real world.

So yes, Keanu Reeves is a wealthy actor, but more importantly he is also a genuinely positive and good person. His kindness is why we, at Hooray Cafe, have chosen to shine a spotlight on him.

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