Love Will Save The World

February 13, 2017

Ken Nwadike Jr. is no stranger to hard times. He and his four siblings, along with their mother, were homeless while growing up. They endured some pretty tough times. However, very early on, Ken decided that he would not allow this to negatively affect his life. Ken excelled in sports. He was a high school track star and received a full scholarship to attend college.

In 2013, when the Boston Marathon fell victim to a terrorist attack, Ken felt this loss and senseless act of violence to his very core. He knew what amazing opportunities running had given him in his life. Seeing it being taken away from others that morning was not something he was willing to just sit back and accept.

This was the moment that he decided he would be that one person that was going to make a difference. He would be the one that cast out fear to choose love, even in the face of hate and difficult times. One year after the tragic attack, Ken headed to Boston to give free hugs, spread love, and embrace unity amongst the marathon participants.

He never expected it to have this big of an impact. Three years later, Ken is still going and stronger than ever. Today, he shows up where there is a lack of love, to bridge racial, economic, social and seemingly impossible divides with hugs and hope. Person to person, state to state, Ken is changing our country for the better. He is standing up for love.

If you would like to join this amazing movement and learn more about what you can do to make a difference, head over to Ken’s United We Stand Campaign. Let today be the first day that you too decide to change a nation with a simple hug.


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