Doing Good Feels Good

February 3, 2017

Although many good deeds go unnoticed, we here at The Hooray Cafe are all about bringing as much attention to them as possible.


Because it is truly a beautiful thing to do something, simply out of the genuine goodness and kindness of your heart.

It is also very inspiring, and seemingly contagious. We hope that in seeing how some of these ‘good deed doers’ changed the lives of those they opened their hearts to, that you may feel the urge to do the same.

When you offer a helping hand to someone in need it has a positive effect on both parties involved. Simply put, doing good just feels good.

If you are ready to experience joy, inspiration, and witness what genuine kindness looks and feels like, please click on the link below.

Go out, and do something good today, change someone’s life. In the process, yours will change too, all for the better.

Thirty Good Deeds


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