Our Hopes and Dreams

Hooray Cafe Good News Good DeedsHooray Cafe is a fresh and positive news company and community growth platform. We lift towns, organizations, and individuals by illuminating, sharing, and creating goodness.

We long and strive to:

Reinvent media by revealing all that is good in the world. Our goal is to help you balance your life with stories of human kindness and news that represents the world as it is rather than worse than you could possibly imagine, as we are far too often led to believe.

Facilitate beneficial community change as a purveyor of good deeds. We aspire to build better places by creating more generous and compassionate communities. Our Goodness’ Sake Project is doing just this.

Provide opportunities right now to sit back, relax, and marvel at goodness. We wish you time and space to just take a deep breath, feel lighter, experience awe, and say ahhhhh. We share moving music, funny moments, and serene natural scenes in order to highlight the beauty and joy that surrounds us–and is in you.

We want you to find or rekindle the belief that we are good for and to each other by sharing tools to do just that. We encourage you to reflect on, support, celebrate and provide goodness.