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See Something, Say Something! Bullying Prevention Ideas & Statistics Every Parent Should Know.

In today’s society, it seems as though our schools, students and parents alike, are becoming more aware of the severity of bullying amongst our youth. This awareness includes those that are participating in bullying behavior, as well as those being targeted by it.

As soon as you cross through the doors of most public schools, you have officially entered a “Bully Free Zone.” But, what exactly does that mean? Does it mean just as it states, that there are in fact no bullies, hurt feelings or days that children dread going to school in fear of being treated cruelly? As lovely as that sounds, sadly, that just isn’t the case as studies have shown.

The truth is kids can be, and are at times cruel; in a brutally honest, still gaining their footing in life, kind of way. One of the biggest questions raised by parents and schools is: “Has bullying gotten worse with each generation? Or, have we as a society, simply become more aware of it, as well as the severe effects that it takes on our youth?”

Based on research, that the Federal Government began in 2005 to track bullying, it appears that it’s actually a combination of the two, as well as a third element that is still fairly new, yet just as damaging. Cyber Bullying has become one of the more common ways that students choose to bully other students, and the effects are severe.

According to, as of 2016, statistics reveal that more than 1 in 5 students has reported bullying, which equates roughly 21% of enrolled students within the United States. That figure has actually dropped from 28% in 2005 when this research began. So, although it seems that bullying continues to worsen with each generation, we are indeed making progress.

In a study specifically conducted of 12 to 18yr old students, 35% reported traditional bullying, including physical and verbal. Whereas, 15% reported being victims of cyberbullying. Although the numbers aren’t nearly as high, that an additional 15% of cases that used to not exist in earlier generations. Cyberbullying can also have a larger and longer impact on students, as the world wide web has the ability to do just as it states, which is reach the world through the web.

Statistics also show that a staggering 64% of those victimized by bullying never report it, in fear of retaliation or not being heard or believed. Some of the reasons that those that do report being victimized include: Looks (55%) Body Shape (37%) and Race (16%).

These same studies also show that over half of all bullying, approximately 57%, actually stops altogether when a peer intervenes. Just one time! See something, say something, and make that change for just one person! In doing so, you can not only change their life but in some cases, you may also save a life as well.

In 2015, the Center for Disease Control released studies that showed that those participating in bullying activities can later in life suffer from depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, academic problems and an increased risk of substance abuse and violent behavior. Those being targeted by bullying are at an even higher risk for the same problems both in school, as well as later in life.

Due to such alarming statistics and severe effects that bullying can have, on both those targeted as well as the culprits, schools decided something needed to change, and fast. A large majority of public schools are now actively participating in “Bullying Prevention Programs” as well as implementing them as early as possible. These programs have amazingly decreased reported bullying by 25% since 2013!

So, what exactly does a “Bullying Prevention Program” look like? Especially when dealing with younger aged participants? Well, it’s actually very pleasant, very interactive and surprisingly subtle as well. My daughter came home with the following handout from Metolius Elementary, located in Central Oregon.

She didn’t even realize that the material was to prevent bullying, she just thought it was a fun activity, and honestly, it is! What better way to engage with your peers than by spreading kindness! Great job, Metolius Elementary and all the public schools that are taking the time to do the little things like this. In the end, it is helping to solve a very large problem. For more information about bullying statistics,  prevention activities, resources, and more visit Pacer.Org and follow the links provided.


There’s Only One Way To Sing A Whitney Houston Song, And That’s With Everything You’ve Got!

Although Dane Miller’s Aunt had no idea that her video would go viral, we are oh so glad that it did. Below you will find Dane Miller, belting out Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing,” the only way that any fan should sing a Whitney Houston Song. With everything that they’ve got, and with every piece of soul that they have. 

If only Whitney were here to see such a touching and passionate performance. However, there’s a good possibility that she was able to hear him, even way up there! 

Thanks to Dane’s Aunt for such a wonderful share, and a big thank you to Dane for letting us share such a powerful moment with you! Make sure that no matter what happens in life, you keep that passion. It’s more important than one might think, trust me.

Boy/Girl! Gender Reveals That Go Terribly Wrong, But Are Equally As Funny! 

Becoming an older brother or sister can become very nerve-wracking. It can also be a very scary and emotional time for everyone, especially when it comes to finding out the ultimate question –

“Is it a boy or girl?”

Watch as these soon-to-be older siblings find out whether they are going to be welcoming a little girl or a little boy home in the near future. Some could not be any happier, they got exactly what they wished for. Others, could not appear any less happy if they tried! Hilarious!

Also, there are some very creative photos and ideas for a gender reveal party, good stuff for those that need it!

Kids And Baby Gender Reveals Compilation

That moment you learn you're getting another sibling…

Posted by America's Funniest Home Videos on Friday, June 30, 2017

What would you do if you were faced with a life or death situation? Not necessarily your own life being the one in jeopardy, but rather, it being up to you to save a life? The idea is honestly, completely and utterly….terrifying.

Would you know what to do? Would you do anything at all? Or,  simply freeze in a state of panic? The scariest part about such hypothetical questions lies in the fact that until you are put in that situation, you simply don’t know what you would do.

For these 10 kids, all under the age of 16, they were faced with this scary scenario, involving their own parents. At this age, they probably haven’t pondered life and death too much, or worse case scenarios, like those of us in adulthood.

Yet, they knew exactly what to do when faced with making a life or death decision. Human instinct is amazing and equally fascinating. An enigma really, one that we may never fully understand, and maybe it’s best that we don’t.

Without further ado, Hooray Cafe presents to you, 10 heroes that may be young. but they are equally brave and heroic. Hopefully this has earned them all a spot on Santa’s ‘Nice” list, for many years to come.

Kudos to all of you! You have inspired us all!

10. 5-Year-Old Saves Dad from Burning Home



 Angelica Riggins was only 5 years old when she saved her father’s life. Kenneth Riggins was woken up at 2 am by his dogs and smelled smoke. He ran to wake up his daughter, who just went through fire safety training at school. Unbelievably, she knew exactly what to do, and crawled out of the house on her hands and knees. She ran across the street to the neighbors and called 911. The fire department arrived a few minutes later and she told them that her dad never followed her out of the house and that he was still in there. Riggins has safely rescued thanks to his super smart and extremely brave daughter.

9. Two Sisters Lift 2000 Pound Tractor Off Of Their Father



 Adrenaline causes you to be stronger than you would have ever thought you could be. This was the case for two young girls from Oregon, who saved their father’s life because of adrenaline-fueled strength. 16-year-old Hannah and her 14-year-old sister Hannah found their father pinned underneath a 2000 pound tractor while working on their Oregon farm. The sisters called 911 and summoned the strength to lift the tractor off of their father. He later admitted that he himself probably could not have lifted the tractor; “To think of two small teenage girls being able to do something like that was incredible.”

8. Brave Little Girl Saves Mom



 In Florida, 7-year-old Rita found her mother lying unconscious on the floor. Rita grabbed a piece of pizza and slapped her mom in the face with it. But when that didn’t help wake her up, Rita called 911. The little girl didn’t know her new address but knew her neighborhood well enough to direct the ambulance to her place. When the emergency medical services arrived, Rita was standing outside of her house waving her arms in the air. She saved her mother that day because she was calm under pressure. The Sarasota County Fire Department awarded Rita an award for her bravery.

7. Boy Saves Father From Bull Attack



 10-year-old Tom Phillips was hanging out on his family’s farm when suddenly one of their bulls began to violently attack his father Andrew. He flew into the air and fell to the ground, unconscious, and the bull started trampling and kicking him. Tom acted quickly, he jumped onto his father’s tractor and drove full-speed ahead towards to bull to scare him off. Andrew suffered from internal bleeding and ten broken ribs but was able to pull through because of Tom’s heroic efforts. He never drove his father’s tractor until that day, but now he’s allowed to drive it as much as he wants.

6. Five-Year-Old Becomes a Real-Life Superhero



 Jailyn Emmett suffers from supraventricular tachycardia, a heart-rhythm disorder. The mother of four boys just got off the phone with her husband when she started experiencing shortness of breath, chest pains and felt her heart beating rapidly. Frightened, she called her parents, and when no one answered she called 911. But suddenly Emmett collapsed on her bedroom floor. Her five-year-old son Tregan walked in on his mom laying on the floor and picked up the phone from the ground. The 911 operator asked him what was going on and he informed the dispatcher that his mother died, and referred to himself as Spider-Man. Tregan stayed on the line and flashed the lights outside of his house so that the paramedics could locate him. He saved his mother’s life because he stayed calm and offered as much help as he could.

5. Boy Saves Mother from Choking

shutterstock_Chocolate Bar
 Keith Corbett’s mother Genene began choking on a piece of a chocolate bar when her son came to her aid. The 11-year-old found her and asked her to give him a thumbs up if she needed help. She did, and he began to give his mother the Heimlich maneuver. Keith dislodged the piece of chocolate from his mother’s throat because of something he was recently taught in school. Genene proclaimed that if Keith hadn’t had been there to help her, she probably wouldn’t have made it. No word on whether or not Genene still eats chocolate bars.

4. Young Girl Saves Mom and Brothers From Fire



 10-year-old Samantha Christian woke up in the middle of the night to the smell of fire in her home. She woke up her mother, who proceeded to try to put out the fire with water, while Samantha brought her young brothers to the neighbor’s house one by one, carrying them all by herself. She was quick enough to get both of them to safety before the house went up in flames. Most of the Christian family’s belongings didn’t make it, but everyone inside made it out okay because of Samantha. She stated, “Clothes, metal, jewelry – all sorts of stuff can be replaced, but humans can’t.”

3. Boy Saves Father From Car Accident



 Joshua Garcia was only 8 years old when he saved his father’s life. After their car collided into a guardrail, Joshua and his father Eugene’s car went airborne, flipped, and then landed upside down in the middle of the Nashua River in Massachusetts. Luckily the car didn’t hit the water, landing on a sandbank instead. Eugene Garcia was stuck inside the car, so Joshua climbed out, waded through the river, and then ran barefoot to his home, a mile away, and told his mother to call 911. What’s even more unbelievable is that Joshua was able to act so level-headedly at 3 o’clock in the morning, the time of the accident.

2. Boy Runs Half-Mile to Save Father


Via fox16.comOn the way home from a Cub Scout event, Damian Kisselburg and his father Gus, got into a bad car accident. 9-year-old Damian was able to crawl out of the wrecked car, and after witnessing the state his father was in, ran to his grandparents’ house a few blocks away. After realizing that they weren’t home, he ran a half-mile to his house to tell his mother to call 911. His dad was rescued on

On the way home from a Cub Scout event, Damian Kisselburg and his father Gus, got into a bad car accident. 9-year-old Damian was able to crawl out of the wrecked car, and after witnessing the state his father was in, ran to his grandparents’ house a few blocks away. After realizing that they weren’t home, he ran a half-mile to his house to tell his mother to call 911. His dad was rescued on time and was back to feeling 100% after some surgery. Damian saved his father’s life because he assessed the situation and did everything he could to get help without hesitation, even though he thought his legs were going to give out because of the distance.

1. Girl Saves Father while Inside a Moving Vehicle



 7-year-old Natalie was driving with her father and her younger sister when her dad started unsteadily and fitfully driving the car and not answering his two daughters when they asked him what was going on. Natalie climbed over her dad in the front seat and grabbed his phone from his pocket. She called 911 and the operator helped her bring the car to a full stop so that the emergency medical services could take her father out of the car and to the hospital. Natalie’s father suffered from diabetic shock, but because of his daughter’s bravery, he survived and no one else in the vehicle was hurt.


Kids Trying Traditional Breakfast Foods From The Past 100 Years — Hilarious!

As the years go by, we sometimes forget that the current trends go right along with them. Each generation finds comfort in what they find familiar, especially in food. So what happens when you step out of that comfort zone and cross into another generation’s traditions?

Sometimes the results can be educational, beautiful and unforgettable. Other times, the results can be downright hilarious, which is the case in the below video clip by Bon Appetit. Watch as kids, along with their brutal honesty, take a huge leap out of their comfort zone and taste test 100 years worth of traditional breakfast foods. Enjoy!

Sometimes All It Takes Is A Child’s Perspective To Teach Us What Truly Matters

What Really Matters

What do you have that makes you rich?

Posted by Meaww on Tuesday, October 4, 2016



Sibling Rivalry Is Nothing New, And Apparently Neither Is This Mother’s Solution

What was initially just another Facebook post, showing Alexis Tillman’s method on teaching her children to get along, has now gone viral. There were a lot of mixed reactions in the beginning, but 1-millions views later, we are learning that this method is actually used by quite a few moms. Referred to as the “I Love You” or “Get Along” shirt, it may be a solution for you to consider if you are having issues with sibling rivalry and constant bickering. If you do use this method, please share your story with us, we would love to see your personal results. In the meantime,  you can read the original, and now viral, article below.

Mom Breaks out ‘I Love You’ Shirt When Kids Fight. But Punishment’s Twist Leaves Parents in Stitches


Being A Parent Is Hard, But So Is Being A Kid

Parenting definitely has its rewards, no question about it. Yet, at times it can often be an uphill battle as well.  Although these battles are not discussed as often as all of the wonderful things that our children do, all parents have reached their wit’s end at some point in time. The below article really helped to put a lot of things into perspective as far as how frustrating being a child can be as well. So, the next time that you just cannot take one more little annoyance, remember this post; take a breath and remind yourself, kids get frustrated too.

It’s Hard for Them, Too

See What Happens When This Young Man Converted $20.00 Into Kindness 

Girls Are Super Stars! 

In this backyard rendition of ‘American Ninja Warrior’, we meet the sweetest little girl, named Lila. She is  Also, now Denver Cities newest Ninja Warrior record holder. Such a fun video! Lila you are quite the all-star, and we here at The Hooray Cafe, tip our hats to you!

Dad Builds Daughter Obstacle Course

This girl may be too young to compete on "American Ninja Warrior" but that didn't stop her! For more things that will make you smile, check out Happiness Heroes!(via Jukin Media)

Posted by 22 Words on Thursday, March 30, 2017


Teaching Kids To Say ‘Thank You’ To Our Everyday Heroes –

The below article was originally posted for teachers as a project for their students, however, it can be very useful for all of us. As adults, we too forget about our everyday unspoken heroes that work hard, so that our days run smoother.

It is a wonderful project to do with your kids, and a great way to teach the importance of gratitude, as well as the importance 0f our workforce. So, if you’re in the mood to brighten the day of your postal worker, or landscaper, crossing guard, bus driver etc… Then, check out

So, if you’re in the mood to brighten the day of your postal worker, or landscaper, crossing guard, bus driver etc… Then, check out Teach Mama For Details 

Another great resource in helping our youngsters grasp the concept of a workforce, and its importance, is a site and organization called 1 in 100 Million; Today’s Workforce, One Story At A Time. A site dedicated to telling the personal stories of our everyday workers, from security guards to gold miners. A celebration of them all as individuals, and presented by Kronos.

So there you have it, simple, yet powerful ways to get our youth involved with the community! Now go spread some joy and appreciation, for Goodness’ Sake!


Kid President: 20 Things We Should Say More Often –

Straight from the mouth of a babe. There are three people in life that you can depend on to tell you the truth, brutally. They are those that are angry, those have been drinking, and kids. You can always count on the kids, especially when it comes to delivering, quite often, mind-blowing statements.

We could all learn a thing or two from the innocent insight that comes from a beautiful place in a child’s mind, a place that seems to become inaccessible the older we get. Perhaps, that innocence is still there within us all, and we have just simply become conditioned to focus on the negative, and no longer look for the little things that make us just feel good.

Allow yourself to just sit back, smile, find your inner child, and listen to what Kid President has to say. Also, let’s try to take this one step further, and apply this in our day-to-day routines.

What Is Love?

Children will ultimately be our saving grace, especially when needed. They see the world through a different set of lenses. The world that they see, at times, is so much brighter and positive,  filled with so much hope, and clearly. LOVE.

Although they are still just in elementary school, these kids share what their definition of the following question: “What is Love?”

Some of the answers are startlingly accurate and more precise than what most adults would answer if asked the same question. Rather than making today complicated, or expensive, just make it genuine. Allow more love than pride in today and we can assure you, it will make all the difference. Happy Valentine’s Day!

What is love? Kids share their wisdom this Valentine’s Day

Genuine Love

When Jazmyne was asked why she wanted to help her mom so much this year, with her baby brother, in particular, Her response was, “Because I love her!”

She could not have been more sure and genuine in that moment.

Through the eyes of a child, we will begin to see the world again, for what it truly is. Pure, simple, and overflowing with love and laughter.


Jazmyne C. Age 8


Kids Caught Doing Good

What a wonderful feeling it is, to see the world through a child’s eyes. If only some of us had the same visions that these gracious kids do. Watch, as children open their hearts, and think nothing of it. Genuine, kind, and all-around good kids, doing good deeds.

What a beautiful site.


Welcome Home!

There is nothing more touching than the genuine joy and excitement felt by these children. Watch as they receive the surprise of a lifetime, and welcome their loved ones home from service.

My daughter absolutely loves watching these, and I have to say, I do too!

Many thanks to those serving overseas, that are sacrificing time with their families to protect ours. Here at Hooray Cafe, we salute you!