Southwest Region Good Deeds

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma, we are here for you. Check out these good deed opportunities in the Southwest:

New Mexico
What do you get when you combine taking care of youth and the environment? A successful program that teaches our next generation of leaders to honor and protect their planet. This perfect convergence has lead to hundreds of youth being empowered and the natural world being preserved. Check out

How Can You Help?How you can help: Just drop a note to the leaders of this organization telling them how you feel about their hard work and concern for our  youth and our environment. Go to and click on their contact link.


The El Paso Community Foundation serves as the region’s most important financial resource for a number of individuals and non-profits. Simply, this organization raises and then distributes funds to a variety of causes throughout south Texas. From classroom financial aid to affordable housing to community art programs, this foundation makes El Paso and surrounding towns better.

How Can You Help?How you can help: Consider attending or donating funds for others to attend the Plaza Classic Film Festival, the largest classic film event in the world that also showcases local filmmakers and serves as a fundraiser for the foundation. Check it out!


Humane Borders has a simple mission: stopping death along the desolate desert routes used by immigrants who try to make their way into the U.S. At Hooray Cafe, we feel that regardless of differing perspectives on border policies we can all unite around the attempt to stop people from dying in effort to improve their lives. Humane Borders provides humanitarian assistance by placing water barrels along the dry migration routes.

How Can You Help?How you can help: Volunteer. If you live in Tucson or are called to help from wherever you live, visit the Humane Borders volunteer webpage to find out what you can do.


One of our favorite non-profit organizations, Life Senior Services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is a model to other agencies hoping to provide wide spread help to seniors in their communities. From tax help to nutrition, activities to medical help, Life Senior Services provides the aging residents of Tulsa with invaluable services.

How Can You Help?How you can help: Life Senior Services has a unique fundraising device that allows supporters to fund their programs via individual retirement plans. Check out this opportunity and other ways for you to provide help by clicking here.