Southeast Region Good Deeds


Miami: The Chapman Partnership houses homeless families with children, who are actively seeking employment, for up to 90 days. Children (of all ages) in the facility attend public school during their stay and participate in after-school activities in the Chapman Partnership resource center. Mindful Hour runs from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM at Chapman Partnership on scheduled Wednesdays and from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM at Miami Bridge on scheduled Thursdays.

How you can help: Volunteers can help the residences, engage in the class, and spend time with the children of the families taking the class. For more information contact Priscilla at from now until September 2017.



New Orleans: COPS 8 is a non-profit organization dedicated to the 8th District Police Officers in New Orleans. The 8th District is a high density, high needs area that consists of New Orleans’ most historic neighborhoods, including the French Quarter, the Marigny Triangle, the Marigny Rectangle and the Central Business District.  COPS 8 members consist of residents, business owners, employees and patrons of the 8th District. Their mission is  “to support and improve the quality of life for our 8th District Officers, which in turn enhances the security and safety of all 8th District citizens.”

How you can help: Volunteers are needed to create events which raise awareness and funds to bring the police and community closer together. To express an interest or inquire further, please contact Tammy at Volunteers must be 18yrs or older, and will be needed through 2020.



Richmond: DLW Veterans Outreach and Training Center is a community center dedicated to providing specialized outreach services to veterans and to the community. They provide veterans with transition assistance through awareness of veteran benefits, financial management, educational and employment training. In addition, they also provide therapeutic counseling and recreational activities. They pride themselves in assisting veterans to become self-supporting and to transition back into civilian life.  Serving Richmond, Virginia and the tri-cities.

How you can help: All general volunteer help is needed at this time. If interested contact David at – (804) 228-8077