Rockies Region Good Deeds

There are several organizations in the Rockies states that could use your help, financially or otherwise. Check them out:

Adam’s Camp offers children with disabilities an opportunity to participate in therapeutic outdoor recreation activities. This organization has served thousands of special needs kids and their families over the past thirty years. And, they need volunteers to help at camps and year-round. Adam’s Camp now operates in four states throughout the U.S.

How Can You Help?How you can help: Reach out to Adam’s camp with an offer to provide your time and energy so more children across the country can realize the benefits of this life-changing program. See


The Rocky Mountain Fischer House provides housing for veterans and their families who need a home away from home as loved ones undergo extended medical care in the Denver area. This organization honors veterans by giving them and their family a safe and comfortable place to live during trying times.

How Can You Help?How you can help: There are two things you can do: 1) volunteer and 2) provide dinners for people staying at the house. See for more information.


Something near and dear to our heart, creative writing, is beautifully supported by The Missoula Writing Collaborative. Each year, this organization teaches over 1500 kids to love to write. Their programs are offered in local schools and fill a gap by helping young children learn lifelong communication skills.

How Can You Help?How you can help: There are two ways you can help, write now (pun intended). Simply donate to this vital organization or reach out to the staff and offer your talents by contacting The Missoula Writing Collaborative.


Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and Montana (and Georgia and Hawaii)
The Meth Project is saving lives. By shining a light on this dark addiction disease, this non-profit organization helps community members literally and figuratively come back to life.

How Can You Help?How you can help: First, please accept that this is a devastating community issue. Then, provide help to addicts in need of support. Start helping here.


Opportunity Village, Las Vegas’ largest non-profit, has provided invaluable services to people with intellectual and related disabilities. From their real learning park to thrift stores, and job training to housing assistance, OV is vitally important to this eager and capable population.

How Can You Help?How you can help: Opportunity Village offers many different ways you can help, from cash donations to volunteering at their store or park. Check out the myriad ways you can make a difference in Southern Nevada: