Good Deeds Directors’ Activities Overview

Hooray Cafe’s Goodness’ Sake Project is brought to life and made locally valuable and viable by our Good Deeds Directors. Good Deeds Directors need not be an individual, although any one person can do a great job as the director. Directors can be school clubs, service organizations, scout troops, employees from a business, or just a group of people who want to help their community become an even better place.

Hooray Cafe recognizes that community change and growth is always possible and should be put first above concern over international challenges, national politics, state agency issues, and, even at times, local government processes. Goodness’ Sake Project communities are provided tools that we have created and applied in our own hometowns in order to foster a more collaborative and positive environment. The Good Deeds Directors are the hub of a town’s wheel, with the spokes being programs and people in the community that keeps things turning smoothly.

There are eight things you can easily do to increase goodness in your community.  Or four, or ten, or 50. Ultimately, it is up to you. And, Hooray Cafe is available to come to your town to help you create and run these programs / events / opportunities.

  1. Do Good Now Program
    The Do Good Now program provides the toolkit needed to help community members spontaneously share goodness. Good Deeds Directors (GDD) simply place these toolkits at cooperating high traffic retail establishments. The grab boxes are filled with single Do Good Now cards that suggest easy-to-accomplish ways to brighten someone’s day. GDDs make contact with the retail establishments and place the materials in a conspicuous place. Periodically, the GDDs restock the boxes with cards we provide.
  2. Small Needs Classified Ads
    Hooray Café offers opportunities for community members to connect in order for one member to help meet another member’s needs. From sodding a backyard to bringing groceries to someone to giving someone a lift to a doctor’s appointment. These classified ads are posted to your community’s webpage. The GDD monitors this site for appropriate requests.
  3. Community Committee
    The GDD creates a list of non-profit organization directors, business owners or managers, and student leaders that meet quarterly to discuss the most pressing needs of the community. The goal of these meetings is to create a three item action list that can be accomplished each quarter.  Hooray Cafe can provide a facilitator for the first meetings.
  4. Social Media
    The GDD monitors and posts on their community’s Hooray Café social media pages for local news and commentary. Hooray Cafe will post stories national or global stories to these pages but local information is the responsibility of the GDD.
  5. Hooray Cafe Goodfests
    Once a year the community comes together to acknowledge one community leader, one business, and one non-profit organization. It is not an awards banquet, but a good news and food fest, where community members in need are provided with to go servings of food in order to give them good meals for a few days. This is not a potluck, but rather a celebration of good in the community. You can have live music, presentations, show videos, or…
  6. You Matter Magnets
    Imagine walking up to your car door and seeing a magnet that expresses how much you are appreciated. Better yet, imagine anonymously placing that magnet on the car door or computer or wherever of someone you admire and are grateful for, and then knowing they felt honored and touched by someone acknowledging them when they discover this gift. These are the You Matter Magnets. They are designed to communicate sentiment that sticks. GDDs make sure that these are available to community members who want to express their gratitude to others.
  7. It’s Up to You
  8. Whatever You Think is Best