C=EMC2: May 4 at the RPA Performing Arts Center

Come join TEDx speakers and performers Jon Bullock, Naomi Wachira, and Ken Streater for an evening of world class entertainment and thought provoking conversation. This event doubles as a fundraiser for Treehouse Therapies. It will highlight what makes Central Oregon exceptional and present ideas to make it even better.

To purchase tickets see tickettomato.com/event/4621/c-emc2/.  Doors open at 6:30. Show starts at 7:00 pm. In addition to Jon, Naomi, and Ken, RPA students will perform. Tickets are $40 each or two for $75.

Ticket sale proceeds go to Treehouse Therapies, a local non-profit that provides vital physical therapy and other services to hopeful children and their families. Get your tickets at tickettomato.com/event/4621/c-emc2/.

About C=EMC2

C=EMC2 is a formula and a live event designed to inspire community growth. It is an evening of entertainment, conversation and shared ideas to build better places. This small group event combines renowned educators, business visionaries, musical geniuses and inspiring multi-media presentations to powerfully illustrate how significant positive change is easily within your community’s reach. Simply put, we help you to design a plan to lift your town, organization, or movement.

The C=EMC2 formula is: Community = Education, Music (and the Arts), Commerce and Culture

These variables create the formula to empower any town, school, or organization to thrive. Embedding these variables into your community ensures growth. While defining growth may vary by community, one constant always remains: uplifting everyone. We provide a stirring presentation to leave you with the sentiment and a template to make your community better.

Why Education
“Educational options that are as unique as each student inspire personal and community growth,” says Jon Bullock, D.Ed., the founder and director of the Redmond Proficiency Academy.  One of the country’s most unique and successful charter schools, RPA is embraced by its community as the option for students seeking compassionate and comprehensive individualized learning pathways. Dr. Bullock speaks from the heart about your community’s capacity to change the way young people are helped. “Students today too often see their high school experience as something they have to survive, a time and place where they are not accepted for who they are and where they are challenged to be completely different than who they want to be,” explains Bullock. “This conundrum they face–that we all face–can be mitigated by filling our schools, and thereby our communities, with love.”

Why Music and the Arts

Art is the mechanism that allows a civilization to creatively define and empower itself. Music helps communities understand and appreciate their differences and their traditions.  All art is a celebration of good and bad, and creates a culture that can express a better ideal for itself. “Music is so incredibly powerful and has the ability to cross boundaries, both real and imagined,” says acclaimed singer-songwriter Naomi Wachira. “It reminds humanity of our shared existence that has more similarities than differences.” Wachira, born in Kenya and recently named Seattle’s top new folk singer, knows well music’s value to building bridges. She writes and performs songs about the human experience and communities, bringing to life art’s ability to inspire and grow connections.

Why Commerce
“The genetically-hatched competitive head-to-head way of doing business is outdated. When replaced by collaborative heart-to-heart approaches, magical things happen in any workplace, organization, or community,” says Ken Streater, former international river guide turned corporate and commercial real estate brokerage owner. As a partner of an investment real estate company that annually facilitates over $100,000,000 in transactions, the author of books on human kindness and community trust, and an outfitter of wilderness rafting, hiking, and kayaking trips for thousands of guests around the world, Ken has led people across the spectra of commerce. “The most successful days you can have,” says Streater, “are the ones when you never put your heart on the shelf.”

Why Culture
The word “culture” stems from the Latin word “cultura” and then French words “tillage,” or to tend to the earth, to grow, to cultivate, to nurture. Webster defines it as the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief and behavior that depends on the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations and the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a group. When combining these definitions, a culture is designed to grow itself and its members. When a community has a trusting, compassionate, and collaborative culture, it thrives. When a community is founded in fear and fights itself to the point of diminishing members and the collective, it shrivels and dies. Communities grow because of their heritage—their culture—not in spite of it. Common bonds are the best foundation for a culture—a community—to embrace change and shift for the betterment of everyone, and the society as a whole.

Why Attend
This evening of insights and inspiration doubles as a fundraiser for Treehouse Therapies, a non-profit pediatric therapy clinic. Proceeds from ticket sales go to this community-based organization. Treehouse Therapies, with offices in Bend and Redmond, offers physical and occupational therapy programs to children from birth to adolescence in a child-centered, family oriented environment. This vital organization depends on donations from supporters to provide much needed services to children with special needs regardless of their financial or insurance limitations. On this night, Christen Eby, founder of Treehouse Therapies, will share with you why her organization greatly matters to Central Oregon and why your generosity means so much to Central Oregon kids.

For more information please call 541-325-2027 or email good@hooraycafe.com.

Event Details
When: May 4, 2017. Doors open at 6:30. Show starts at 7:00 pm.
Where: RPA Performing Arts Center, at 640 SW Evergreen Avenue, Redmond
Who: Jon Bullock, Naomi Wachira, and Ken Streater will speak and perform
Ticket Prices: $40 each or $75 for two
Ticket Sale Proceeds: Sale proceeds benefit Treehouse Therapies; See www.treehousetherapies.com
Tickets Purchases: Purchase online at www.tickettomato.com/event/4621/c-emc2/