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High School Runner Chooses to Help Autistic Competitor Finish the Race

July 21, 2017

When given the opportunity to reign victorious at a championship cross country running event, one young man chose to take a loss instead. “Why?”, one might ask. In order to change the life of another–a fellow student but also an opponent–that he felt needed a win just a little bit more than he did.

In the end, both came out on top as big winners of the day. There is never a loser in the game of kindness and humanity.


A Social Experiment: One Homeless Man Going Above and Beyond to Help

July 16, 2017

In the above clip,  you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing what an all-around kind-spirited human being looks like. During a social experiment, a homeless man by the name of David is asked if he is able to assist a gentleman with changing a flat tire.

Immediately, David is more than happy to help the stranded motorist. Not only does he offer his experience and knowledge with vehicles, he also offers some encouragement as well. After explaining the problem to David, you hear him tell the motorist “We’ll get through this, don’t worry.”

It is very clear that he is truly concerned with the well being of Johal, the one conducting the experiment. David never once hesitates to ensure that Johal is safely back on the road again. He even went as far as to return his own recycling to buy the young stranded motorist a brand new jack for $50.00, upon discovering he didn’t have one in his vehicle.

When asked why he would spend his own money, Davide simply says because people have helped him in the past, and he just wants to pay it forward. He did all of this without expecting anything in return and nearly refused what Johal did offer him; to say ‘Thank-you’.

David could have easily avoided this entire interaction by simply saying he didn’t know how to change a tire and kept walking. He could have gone about his evening, never thinking twice about Johal again, or whether or not he ever got his tire changed. His reaction of helping, versus what he could have done, is what separates us in society.

There are those who keep walking, never looking past their own needs and what they want. They are the individuals that snub the homeless, refusing to give up their seat on a crowded subway.

Thankfully, we do have the people like David. People that acknowledge their role in making the world a better place. People who enjoy spreading kindness and experience joy themselves doing it. The Davids are who keep this world going. We salute the helpers, the givers, those who make good news, and hope this includes you. You never know who your good deed or kind gesture will inspire or encourage. So, live life as if somebody is watching and prepared to honor your good deeds, because, in one form or another, someone is.


Heartwarmers of Oregon Offering Those in Need Gifts to Warm a Heart

June 26, 2017

Heartwarmers is a non-profit organization based in the whimsical little town of Sisters, Oregon.

Sisters offers an ambiance that cannot be matched. It is a city that will truly warm your heart. With a population of about 2,000 people, the term ‘city’ has to be  used very loosely. Sisters is a place that you would instantly think of when you hear about a non-profit like Heartwarmers, an organization that offers incredibly sweet, thoughtful and hand-made gifts.

Heartwarmers provides comfort to children and adults that are in crisis. They hand make “cut and tie” (no sew) blankets and deliver them to other area non-profits for distribution. These blankets scream LOVE which is immediately felt when you are wrapped up in one.

There are countless prints and patterns Heartwarmers uses, as they are made to appeal to who they are being given to, from two-year-old old little boys that love trucks to eight-year-old girls that love pink. Adults are brought to tears of gratitude as they find comfort in a Heartwarmers’ blanket. Just knowing that somebody made their blanket with heart and soul is as great of a gift as they come.

In addition to the blanket, the children also receive a handmade teddy bear. The adult’s blanket is usually paired with lotion, socks and a hat. In addition to all of this, each blanket comes with its own personal and unique set of hearts.

Each heart is cut from one of the 3,000 blankets made to date, representing the love and compassion that was put into each one of them.

To learn more about Heartwarmers and the incredibly wonderful people that have made this possible, take a look at their website or like and share their page on Facebook as well.

Bravo to the founders of Heartwarmers as well as their countless volunteers that have changed the lives of thousands! You all are the definition of what is good in the world. We here at Hooray Cafe salute and thank you!



Officer Tommy Norman: An Example of Someone Doing it Right

June 9, 2017

Police Officer Tommy Norman, nearly a 20-year veteran in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is making headlines for all of the right reasons. With tensions among law enforcement and citizens at an all time high, Officer Norman is the breath of fresh air that we all so desperately need.

Determined to make a difference, bridge the divide amongst us,  and pave the way to a new way of policing our communities, Officer Norman has made quite the name for himself. Once you read his full story, included in the link below, it won’t take long at all to see why he is so important to his community, and to the very existence of humanity as a whole.  Officer Norman, please continue to do exactly what it is that you’re doing. We can only hope that soon others–both law enforcement and citizens–will follow suit.

Be sure to read through to the end,  in order to take a peak at some of Officer Norman’s most popular videos online. With hundreds to choose from, it is definitely hard to settle on just one.

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By: Life writer Delenda Joseph
April 16th 2016

Meet Officer Norman, The Fun-Loving Cop That Social Media Can’t Get Enough Of


Together We Rise: A Non-Profit Giving Kids Their Childhood Back

June 9, 2017

Together We Rise is an amazing program that is reaching out to communities nationwide, with one common interest: bringing back the simple comforts and normality that all children should have, even when placed in foster care. The statistics given during the introduction of this video are alarming. These children need our support, and every little bit counts. Whether it be designing a Sweet Case, rebuilding a bike, or simply donating to their cause, it all adds up. Foster children will account for 500,000 members of our next generation. How we step up now will ultimately affect a lot of futures down the line.

To find out more about how you can help, and change a child’s today for a better tomorrow, contact  Together We Rise, Today!









‘Random Acts Of Tattoos’ Erasing Hate One Tattoo at a Time

May 9, 2017

Dave and Elizabeth Cutlip are armed with the knowledge that people make mistakes when it comes to tattoo choices. They recognize that people often change their beliefs and views after being inked, having evolved from the person they once were. With this awareness, Dave and Elizabeth decided to assist in giving people a second chance tattoo. In a sense they are giving them their futures back, with an option of shifting from anger to love. The below video explains how together they are erasing hate, one tattoo at a time.

Tattoo Parlor Gives Free Coverups?

Erasing hate…one tattoo at a time.

Posted by 22 Words on Saturday, February 25, 2017




“The More I Help People, the Better I Feel. I am Winning All the Time”

May 6, 2017

Miss Lee Etta volunteers five days a week at Mountain View Hospital, simply because she wants to give back to those that helped her in her time of need. She chose Mountain View Hospital due to the wonderful experience she had with them nearly ten years ago when her husband fell ill and later passed away.

All these years later, Miss Etta Lee still takes absolute pleasure in assisting others during their time of need, as she once received the same.

Below, you can see for yourself just how much Miss Lee thoroughly enjoys making others smile. Blessed, are those lucky enough to know somebody as inspiring as she is.



‘Drive Change’-A Non-Profit Offers New York Youth a Recipe for Success

April 28, 2017

Food Truck Drives Social Change By Giving Jobs To Former Inmates Giving them the Green Light.

Here is a recipe for success. Drive Change is a nonprofit that hires formerly incarcerated youth to operate a New York City-based food truck.

“We hire, teach and empower young people who are coming home from the criminal justice system,” Jordyn Lexton, founder of Drive Change, told Pix 11.

The award-winning food truck, called Snowday, which is known for its salty/sweet grilled cheese sandwiches drizzled with maple syrup, serves farm-fresh food made from scratch—and gives fresh starts to young people with rough pasts.

“A felony conviction is like the ultimate black eye,” Roy Waterman, director of engagement at Drive Change, told Pix 11. “No matter how many years pass by it’s always on your record.”

Drive Change offers year-long, paid fellowships to people ages 17 to 25, which occur in three phases.

In the first phase–during which fellows make $9 an hour–is an orientation process. Fellows obtain their food handler and safety licenses and mobile vendor’s licenses and are trained by Drive Change’s coaches. Once they are fully trained and certified, fellows get a pay bump to $11 an hour, while they learn how to master all of the food truck jobs — cashier, head chef, customer service attendant and manager. They do this while also attending professional courses for social media, marketing, money management and small business development. For the final phase, fellows work for four months at another job, typically a restaurant, while continuing their courses. During this final four-month phase, Drive Change continues to pay their wages while they work in a different setting.

And fellows have moved on to better opportunities. Lexton told The Huffington Post that a fellow named Frederick Coleman is now a line cook at Reynard restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Other fellows are currently working at catering companies, while another scored a job at Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Lexton, who prefers the gender-neutral pronouns “they” and “their,” is a former teacher who taught English to teens between the ages of 16 and 18 at Rikers Island jail in New York. While there, Lexton started to notice that some of their students, who had been released, were returning to jail again and again.

“I witnessed a system that did not do much to help young people rehabilitate,” Lexton told the AP. “One of the few places in the jail where my students were really happy was in the culinary arts class, with the power of teamwork, camaraderie and a shared meal.”

In 2012, Lexton quit their job and started Drive Change.

The food truck workers are encouraged to talk to customers about the program, hoping the conversations will help create social change.

“We’re transparent about what we’re doing,” Lexton told Pix 11. “We believe that by having this really positive interaction at our truck, we might actually help to dispel some of the preconceived notions that people have about what is means to be formerly incarcerated.”

Snowday will be traveling around New York City this summer. To find out where it’ll park, follow @Snowdaytruck on Twitter.

Drive Change is a tax-exempt 501c3. To make a donation to the organization, click here.


I’ll Push You: A Story of Two Friends, a Wheelchair, and a 500-Mile Journey

April 26, 2017

Here is a truly inspiring message that also tugs at every heartstring we have! This is a powerful example and true representation of what can happen, physically and mentally, when you dig down deep and push harder than you ever thought you could. It is a valuable demonstration that the limitations we self-apply are mostly in our minds.

It is amazing how we will go so much further for somebody that we cherish, or know we should. If it was solely just us seeking that same accomplishment for ourselves we likely have convinced our way out of completion. This proves that kindness and empathy are engrained in our DNA. Humans are naturally born pure at heart and have the genetic make-up to be givers, lovers, and helpers.

As you watch this captivating trailer, we think you might cry. This story will touch you on levels that aren’t often reached. We encourage you to visit the official I’ll Push You site, to stay up to date on this incredible journey of faith and friendship. You can also learn more about how you can help with this campaign, and spreading such an incredible message.