What You are Seeing is Love in Action

July 29, 2020

Masks and social distancing are an expression of kindness and care. We can have a flourishing economy with masks and distance-consciousness in place. The idea that we can’t does not take our into consideration our capacity for kindness and production each taking place at the same time. Remember, under the shelter of each other, people survive.

Under the Shelter of Each Other People Survive

Take two minutes, please, to watch this video. It transcends politics. It goes to the heart of the matter: the power of love and giving in this uncertain time. I’m not sure who produced this, but they deserve full credit for reminding us to care by simply staying home. Under the shelter of each other, people survive.

Posted by Ken Streater – Author on Monday, March 30, 2020


Central California Coastline Forever Preserved by Generous Donation

July 29, 2020

The LA Times calls it the last perfect place. And now it is forever to remain. Thanks to the generous donation of Jack and Laura Dangermond, hundreds and hundreds of acres of wild California coast and headlands will be preserved.

Why this huge section of land? About 50 years ago the Dangermonds honeymooned here. Between then and now, they built a computer mapping service that his netted them significant monies, a portion of which they are happy to give to good causes. Their $165 million gift to the Nature Conservancy allows these precious lands to be preserved.

At Hooray Cafe, any time beautiful things are preserved we feel that is good news worthy of notice. Thanks, Jack and Laura Dangermond!


Coffee, Tea or Happiness?

July 20, 2019

We sometimes forget that happiness or anger or sadness or joy is a by-product of what we are serving ourselves and what we are served by others. What and who are you serving?


When the Best You and the Best Me Show Up We All Benefit

November 1, 2018

A question I often ask my kids is “Who benefits from what you just did?” I say lets ask the same question of this ad. Who benefits? Compare this ad below to the one just released by Donald Trump. When the best of us stand up, we all benefit. This ad encouraging Canadians to be and do more is a beautiful reminder of what we each can do. This is what #bethegood is all about.


Nature of Healing

October 30, 2018

Whether the healing power of rivers, mountains, oceans, or forests, the healing nature of nature is undeniable. Find time to wander and wonder outside, in order to heal yourself and ourselves.


Sometimes All You Need is a Good Attitude, and Bubbles

October 29, 2018

Picture this (and we all have been here): A mother, at a complete loss as to how to calm her daughter, thousands of feet above the ground. The airplane passengers are getting tense and more tense and about to blow. Then, kindness showed it’s beautiful face, in the form of a Southwest flight attendant. Their full story is included below and proves that at times the little things truly are the big things that matter most.

When Baby Won’t Stop Crying, Mom Fears Worst After Flight Attendant Escorts Them to Back of Plane



Troupes of Joy in Moments of Despair: Helping Refugee Children Laugh

October 20, 2018

When someone expands their circle of compassion, we consider this to be invaluable and newsworthy. Hooray Cafe salutes the positive changemakers, those who see a void and then lift others by filling that emptiness. Watch this video about Ash Perrin and The Flying Seagull Project and you will be changed.