About the Goodness’ Sake Project

Goodness' Sake ProjectThe Goodness’ Sake Project takes one simple concept–people are more fulfilled when they give and receive good–and puts it into action.

The Goodness’ Sake Project lifts towns with acts of generosity and kindness. Our experiences have taught us that where people create and perpetuate goodness, those places and people flourish. We have created a platform just for this sake, the sake of providing more goodness.  Our goal is to have twenty GSP communities by the year 2020. We invite you to take the lead and bring this platform to your city. 

Three main principles and services drive GSP:

  1. Operating Locally: Each community is in charge of building their own goodness by connecting those in need with those who can provide, with each community encouraging and facilitating growth as they define it. Hooray Cafe provides ideas, guidance, and support but does not know what is best for your town. That is left to each community to decide for themselves.
  2. Providing “Goodware”: We furnish convenient tools to help lift spirits, such as our “Do Good Now” cards. These cards are placed around town and are used to help make your fellow community members feel better. From expressing gratitude to spontaneously gifting someone to just extending a hand, the Do Good Now cards inspire generosity. Equally in demand and of great importance are the Goodness Sake Project “You Matter Magnets” that enable grateful community members to anonymously honor people who lift your town, company, or organization. Also, Hooray Cafe has deep and wide experience producing live “GoodFest” events that boost community spirit, and can help choreograph events in your town that spread even more good.
  3. Facilitating Community Growth: Hooray Cafe helps local “Good Deed Directors” share opportunities to help others in their community–and rally citizens to participate in this effort. Good Deed Directors need not be an individual. They can be a community service organization, high school club, company team, or scout troop. Our Good Deeds Activity Summary provides ideas that may be worthwhile for your community to use in order to manifest growth in your town. If you are interested in becoming a Good Deeds Director, please let us know!