Utah Suit Company Gives Job Applicants Confidence and a New Suit

July 26, 2017

Utah Woolen Mills, located in  Salt Lake City, Utah, has been in the business of selling suits for 112-years. However, as of January of this year, some very big changes have been made that are helping those in need, in a very big way. The President of the company, B.J.  Stringham, knows that looking good is a great way help somebody feel better about themselves, especially if they have been down on their luck.

In an effort to uplift and assist those that are having a rough time, Stringham and his family have been giving away one suit for every suit that they sell. The recipient of the donated suits are those that are on their way to gainful employment who just need a little pick me up. They are calling this awesome mission “Suited for Good” and so far, they have made many feel as though they can take on the world.

During his interview, Stringham sites the following proverb that has helped guide his mission: “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. We’re not trying to just find people who are homeless and put them in suits,” he told TODAY. “That doesn’t really change things. But for someone who’s been down on their luck, maybe lost a job, had an illness or just couldn’t pay a mortgage or their college bills, this can really help.”

Through word of mouth nominations, churches and community organizations, Stringham and his family have worked out a very fair system for who they take into consideration to receive a new suit. Those interested themselves are also more than welcome to visit the company’s candidate website directly and submit an application stating who they are, the obstacles they have faced in life, and how receiving a new look could benefit them.

Our hats off to you Utah Woolen Mills! We here at Hooray Cafe salute you and all of your efforts in paying it forward!


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