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The Seven Wonders of Oregon

July 16, 2017

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Oregon is home to some of the most amazing destinations in the country, many of which are overlooked or simply driven right past. This is due to the fact that a large majority of them are nestled, just out of eyes view. Perhaps intentionally?

Some locations are more well known than others, but with the arrival of ‘Solar Fest’ next month, in celebration of the full Solar Eclipse coming, I am sure they will all be very well traveled and well known.With an expected arrival of more than a million people in just the Central Region alone, there will be a lot of discovering to do, and a lot of tourists to do it.

Although this “Seven Wonders” list highlights what some would consider Oregon’s top destinations, there are several other locations that did not make the list, some of which many of us locals would consider our own slices of paradise.

There is an unspoken creed among Oregonians, in which we attempt to keep some of these locations hidden from the rest of the world.  Although impossible, we will still try to hang onto them, keeping them for ourselves, as long as we can.

If you have traveled to any of the seven destinations listed, or plan on doing so, don’t forget to visit Travel Oregon to upload your photos from your favorite destination(s), or all seven if you’d like. If you’re posting your photos on social media, you can also use #traveloregon to share among others that have experienced the beautiful and incredibly unique scenery that Oregon has to offer. While you are at it, be sure to post with #hooraycafe to let more people know about our site.

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