A Social Experiment: One Homeless Man Going Above and Beyond to Help

July 16, 2017

In the above clip,  you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing what an all-around kind-spirited human being looks like. During a social experiment, a homeless man by the name of David is asked if he is able to assist a gentleman with changing a flat tire.

Immediately, David is more than happy to help the stranded motorist. Not only does he offer his experience and knowledge with vehicles, he also offers some encouragement as well. After explaining the problem to David, you hear him tell the motorist “We’ll get through this, don’t worry.”

It is very clear that he is truly concerned with the well being of Johal, the one conducting the experiment. David never once hesitates to ensure that Johal is safely back on the road again. He even went as far as to return his own recycling to buy the young stranded motorist a brand new jack for $50.00, upon discovering he didn’t have one in his vehicle.

When asked why he would spend his own money, Davide simply says because people have helped him in the past, and he just wants to pay it forward. He did all of this without expecting anything in return and nearly refused what Johal did offer him; to say ‘Thank-you’.

David could have easily avoided this entire interaction by simply saying he didn’t know how to change a tire and kept walking. He could have gone about his evening, never thinking twice about Johal again, or whether or not he ever got his tire changed. His reaction of helping, versus what he could have done, is what separates us in society.

There are those who keep walking, never looking past their own needs and what they want. They are the individuals that snub the homeless, refusing to give up their seat on a crowded subway.

Thankfully, we do have the people like David. People that acknowledge their role in making the world a better place. People who enjoy spreading kindness and experience joy themselves doing it. The Davids are who keep this world going. We salute the helpers, the givers, those who make good news, and hope this includes you. You never know who your good deed or kind gesture will inspire or encourage. So, live life as if somebody is watching and prepared to honor your good deeds, because, in one form or another, someone is.

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