A State of Nature; The Revelation Surrounding Our Contribution To Life

July 9, 2017

“What is the purpose of our lives?”

This is a question we all ask ourselves at some point. Some focus on this more than others, but we all share this wide-eyed wonderment in discovering “The Meaning of Life.” We wonder about our life or, possibly, the lives of those we share in our most intimate circle, the people that affect our lives, and our direction, first hand.

Is our purpose to love unconditionally? Become wealthy? Successful? Happy?

To realize true happiness in life one mustn’t chase the idea that money contributes in any way to the endless possibilities of joy. Money is tangible and technically does not exist as far as bearing any value. It is simply an IOU that will assist in acquiring material items, but things come and go. Many material items only make us happy for a short period of time, if that. Material possessions will never truly change one’s life, as much as we think that they can.

Success in your career is a great way to achieve merits within the confinements of a job description. But, what happens if one should take away the office, the career, and the company? Eventually, the happiness that was derived from that success will also disappear.

The key to true happiness is unconditional love. Unadulterated, true, and genuine love, will yield a great career, followed by wealth for your achievements. With unconditional love comes heartfelt and meaningful relationships, with a significant other, friends, family, and kids.

Love, true love, manifests an incredible outlook on life; this outlook alone assists in bringing forth with it an actual incredible life. This manifestation is our proof that like attracts like. What we fear we will ultimately face, and what we love will determine how we live. Amazing right?!

Even more amazing, is the realization that we share this world with everyday mysteries and wonders that we take for granted. Nature reminds us that there is a raw power, much greater than we could ever imagine. Each sunset is a nightly reminder that we are on a magical time frame that we follow, yet we did not create.

In fact, we have become enslaved to time, and enslaved to leading misdirected and mislead lives. Lives filled with distractions that we convince ourselves are important. Lives that are just on the brink of changing forever, based on a path created far before we even existed.

Nature is humbling and reminds us there is so much more than what we have created in our minds. Something so much larger than us that we have often chose to overlook: it’s beauty, power, and symbolism. Nature reminds us that we are a very small part of something on a much grander scale. A scale so grand we would never be able to comprehend it all, not with our earthly minds.

Nature reminds us that what we think we know is simply a speck at the tip of the iceberg, a drop of water within the ocean, and just one star among millions of galaxies. From the highest mountain peak to the deepest oceans known to man, we are part of a much bigger plan. A plan so intricate that until this life is over, we may never comprehend.

Nature tells and shows us what’s important, allowing a sense of purpose, simply by being a part of the same master plan. It shows us that we actually find comfort and accomplishment as humans by being humbled on a daily basis, by that which we do not understand.

We find ourselves in awe of the sunrise, a full moon, and a double rainbow. Yet, we have no idea why —  or do we? Could it be our admiration is derived from feeling small, helpless and not knowing where we will end up next?

When we leave this life, our careers, wealth, and material possessions will carry no value where our next life begins. In order to become timeless, valuable and remembered for our contribution, we must be like nature, which simply exists.

Nature takes on the form of its natural state, with no bells, no whistles or tricks to keep us convinced of its beauty and power. As humans, we must do the same. That being said, what is our natural state? How to we simply exist, and also live? With and by love.

We must learn to master the art in knowing that it’s not what we have in this life, but what we are able to give by uplifting another and another, and choosing to take on the natural form of being genuine.

As humans, our contribution is to display our emotions, compassion and natural spirit within. A spirit that understands empathy, sympathy and what it truly means to give, and also live.

We must become a ‘State of Nature’ from deep within. Discovering this, and accomplishing it, will be the moment that we stop living our mislead lives, and learn that it’s ok to just exist. And from that freedom flows love.


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