Marshawn Lynch: The Good Deeds Behind The Beast

July 2, 2017

Marshawn Lynch began his football career in 2007 with the Buffalo Bills but became more famously known during his career as a Seattle Seahawks running back.

The term “Beast Mode” quickly became a household name, and “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” will forever be known as one of the best NFL interviews in history, an interview that revealed zero information about the athlete, other than his distaste for the media.

Given a bad rap, along with a $100,000 fine for his refusal to comply with his contract and interview at will, Lynch somehow gained an undeserved ‘bad boy’ reputation. The reality, however, is that Lynch just wanted to play football and also utilize his fame, name, and $30 million net worth to do good for those less fortunate.

Now in 2017, 10-years into his professional career, and now a newly signed member of the Oakland Raiders, Lynch has done just that. Marshawn also has quite an extensive history of doing the right thing, even when the cameras aren’t rolling.

In fact, that’s how he prefers it. He has never done any of his good work for the publicity or to leverage his career in any way.  Lynch does good deeds, uplifts his community and lends a helping hand when he can, simply because he wants to. There is no ulterior motive. He acts simply out of the kindness of his genuine heart.

Somehow, however, most of the positivity that has surrounded Marshawn Lynch throughout his career has gone virtually unreported and unnoticed. Why is that?

There are two factors behind that question, one being that Lynch himself never seeks recognition for his kindness or generosity. The other is that the media can’t produce juicy headlines that stir up controversy when somebody is doing the right thing. So, in turn, they are left to report the negative, or nothing at all.

That is, until now! Here at Hooray Cafe, we prefer to focus on the good, and Marshawn has given us plenty to focus on. 

For the past five years, Marshawn, along with co-founders, Josh Johnson and Marcus Peters, have run the non-profit organization Fam 1st Family which is aimed at improving the lives of children through mentorship and development workshops. Their mission statement is as follows:

“Empowerment and education, aiming to build self-esteem and academic learning skills in underprivileged youth.”

That’s definitely setting the bar high as far as long-term goals go, however, in the five years they have been operating they have met and exceeded that expectation every time.

You will find their online Events Calendar  filled with activities such as their upcoming Talent Show as well as Family Bowling Night. They also have an ongoing funding project through their Fund The Fam Indigogo campaign that is raising money to refurbish a San Francisco bus to transport local youth to workshops around the Bay area.

All in all, it’s a wonderful organization that is doing so much for local youth. You can learn more about this project, as well as how to assist the foundation, by clicking the above links or watching the video below.

When Marshawn isn’t too busy on the field or assisting the local youth in the area, he’s making time to be a good Samaritan as well. Back in 2014, Lynch returned the wallet of a Seattle-area man who dropped it at a gas station that Marshawn was filling up at.  The gentleman, Jason Lynch (ironic yes, but no relation) stated that he must have dropped the wallet in shock when he saw Beast Mode himself pull into the station.

About 10-minutes after leaving, Marshawn Lynch personally went to Jason’s neighborhood to return the wallet, ensuring it made it back in the hands of the owner. To make a good story even better, Marshawn was also on his way to speak at an assembly at the Marysville-Pilchuck High School that day, after they had suffered a deadly shooting a few weeks prior. Marshawn carried out a good deed enroute to performing a good deed.

Lynch also made his presence known in Haiti along with teammates Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril in April of this year, as well as in April, 2016. While spending a week there during each trip, the three managed to teach the local youth fitness skills, assist in building and restoring houses, hospitals, and clinics, and donated supplies to local schools.

That’s just to name a few of the charitable contributions made by the three teammates. They fully intend on making this an annual event, that they always appear to thoroughly enjoy, with the locals looking forward to future visits.

Lynch is also solely responsible for organizing and leading a Bike Rally from Oakland to Berkeley that has gained the hashtag #OaklandRideOut. There was no reason given for the rally, however, there have been a couple of assumptions made. Some believe that this may have partially been a celebration on Lynch’s part, in response to his recent signing on with the Oakland Raiders. Other reports state that it was simply to bring the community together, which definitely appears to have worked.

The 20-mile Rally included Lynch, of course, followed by around 4oo of his “closest” friends, as well as four or five police officers that brought up the rear, with lights flashing and sirens blasting.  Their presence was definitely known. It looks like it everyone had a great time, together.

Most recently, Lynch, again reaching out to local youth in the Oakland area, kicked off the summer by offering free haircuts to those that held high merits in school. He than purchased 2,000 tickets to Raging Waters in San Jose to give out to the local youth.  These tickets will be given away on July 5th and are worth nearly $60,000. When asked about this, Marshawn stated that the cost was well worth it to ensure that the kids were able to have a good time. He was more than happy to be a part of giving them an experience that they might not have had the opportunity to do so, any other way.

Marshawn Lynch is definitely one of the more charitable athletes, and also one of the most misunderstood in the media. Often referred to as rude, or arrogant, the truth is, he’s just there to play ball, and that’s all he has ever wanted to do.

He has also made it very clear that he wants to continue to enrich the lives of the youth growing up in Oakland.  So far, it appears that he has definitely made good on his word by doing so much for his community already.

Great job Marshawn, keep up the amazing work! You are definitely an inspiration and proof that yes, you can make a better future for yourself if you stay focused and determined.

You have also shown us the value in giving back to your community, where it all started for you. Although it will be a big adjustment for many to see you in black and silver instead of the green and blue, because of all of the good that you do we will still have our eye on you this season.

Regardless of what team you play for, or if you even play at all, you will always be Beast Mode, and you will always be remembered for all that you have done and continue to do for so many others.


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