When You Lead With Your Heart There is No Guessing. You Just Know

June 30, 2017

Have you ever come across a person, and something within you just knew that you had to help them? When your instincts kicked in, and you quickly became aware that at that moment you were at the right place, at the right time, crossing the right person’s path, for all the right reasons?

I have had this experience personally, more than a few times in my life. It’s something that really cannot even be properly described because it needs to be felt to be fully understood.

When approaching an intersection, and coming across a person asking for money (or help of any sorts), there is always that feeling when you look them in their eyes. That brief moment when you just know who to reach out to, who you are meant to help, and who not to.

This has been referred to as intuition, a gut feeling, or just a lucky guess in some cases. However, this connection and know-how definitely go a lot deeper than the surface. This moment, in my opinion, is the moment when you truly feel a person’s genuine spirit. This brief moment carries with it so much awareness the other’s true character. Somehow, you are able to feel their need, their hurt, and also their desires to get back on their feet again.

The people we are drawn to help are also the same people that will express their genuine gratitude when you are able to help them. These are the good spirited and kind souls of this world. Regardless of their situation, or yours, you just know that you need to reach out to them. You also know, that in doing so, both of your lives are about to be changed somehow, someway, for the better.

The woman in the above clip has been through one storm after the other, and finally, she is granted a glimpse at better days ahead. While explaining where and why she received the parking tickets in question, you can see the heartache in not only her face, but the judges face as well. The judge genuinely cared and looked as though he may have been moved to tears at one point in time. You can see the moment that he felt that spiritual connection, and he just knew.

After everything she had been through, she was so grateful for his kind gesture in reducing her fines, that she was still willing to spend all but $5.00 to pay them right then and there. Her eagerness to do the right thing moved the judge even more who then dismissed all fines for her, and gave her a chance to finally get ahead of this storm. You can almost see his heart open right up, and his love and sincerity flow right before your eyes. Such a beautiful and heartwarming moment to bear witness to.

This judge was able to break away from the rules, regulations, and coldness that we often associate with the legal system, showing his true and giving heart. He reminds us that a human is still wearing that robe, and still doing the right thing at times. He offers up a little bit of hope, that there is still a chance that order, peace, understanding, and love will be restored among us all.

This is a step in the right direction. Maybe, just maybe, we can all be mended by another, with kindness and sincerity on our side.

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