One’s Perspective is Powerful and Changes Everything

June 30, 2017

Perspective and perception have such a profound effect on how we view the world around us. Two people can be seeing and hearing the same thing, at the same time, yet they take away two completely different meanings from it.

What you may perceive as rude, may actually be an attempt at humor. What one finds funny, may actually have been a jab or an insult.  What one may consider an emergency situation, could be considered just another Saturday afternoon to another, and so on.

Although one’s perspective changes, the situation does not except in our minds. This is a powerful realization, and one of the quickest ways to become led by emotion and heart. Once your perspective of a situation changes you can never see it the same way again. This may be a good thing, it may not be. Either way, it is the way that you viewed the situation at hand, and that is something that nobody can take from you.

In a world filled with materialistic things, and the desire to own them all, having something that nobody can take from you is such a valuable and priceless possession in itself. Just like memories that we hold sacred, our perspective is actually what determines if those memories are considered good or bad in our minds. That being said, we must realize how valuable and important this is in shaping our lives.

In this 2015 X-Factor audition, we see emotions flowing from every direction, even from Simon Cowell himself. Below we see Josh Daniel sing Labrinth’s song Jealous, which has always been considered a song regarding a lost love, a relationship that has ended with one party moving on. However, before he performs, Josh shares with the panel his reasoning behind his song choice, and immediately the entire perspective and perception of the performance, as well as the song, is changed.

Josh explains that this particular song is one that makes him think of his best friend who passed away two years prior. He states that in a way he is jealous that his friend has passed on to a better place, leaving him behind. Simon Cowell immediately becomes intrigued by his song choice and meaning behind it. He then appears to be deep in thought as soon as his performance begins.

One year prior to this audition, Simon also lost someone very close to him. His mother. You can literally see the wheels turning as his perspective of the song’s meaning has now completely changed. What seals the deal, however, and brings everyone to tears almost immediately, is how amazingly talented Josh is. And, the passion in his voice is unmatched.

You can watch the full emotional audition below, but be warned, there is a strong possibility that you too may shed a tear and have a changed perspective after viewing this clip. Enjoy!

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