Princess Diana Reveals That Kindness Actually Trumps Fear

June 29, 2017

When did kindness become recognized as a threat? In a society that is overcome with fear and anxiety, how is it that a selfless and giving heart is perceived as being a bad thing? Why would someone, who has been deemed the queen of the citizens’ hearts, be prevented from taking on a role that should require the very qualities that she possesses?

In the below interview, it appears that Princess Diana was fully aware of the fact that there was no place for her, or those like her, within the establishment that she married into. Yet, while being loved by millions, and well known for her kindness and genuine love for the people, she was overlooked to become Queen, a woman whom you would assume to be perfectly suited for such a title.

The sad truth is, there is no room for kindness when you are part of an establishment that thrives off of greed, selfishness, and fear. She was deemed as a threat, due to the possibility alone, that her kindness would reveal the harsh realities of an unkind industry. The bigger question is Was this knowledge that she carried, worth her life? We may never know the truth behind that tragic night.

So, what is the moral and lesson in all of this? What does this have to do with you?  The answer to that is in the realization that kindness is very powerful and a representation of strength. When fear and kindness are put in a match against each other, kindness wins every time.


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