Big-Hearted Men Make Tiny Houses for Homeless Veterans

June 20, 2017

Tonight, approximately 40,000 veterans across America will sleep in a vacant field, under a bridge, or at a homeless shelter.  They range in age from 22 to 82, soldiers who fought in wars around the world for our right to a warm and safe home.

Homeless veterans make up for nearly 10% of America’s homeless population. Most are suffering from PTSD and the related mental challenges.  Simply, their destitution is not their fault.

But three veterans from Kansas City are doing something about it. Chris Stout, Kevin Jamison, and Mark Solomon recently placed their first fellow in his own home, in a tiny house project they envisioned. Located in an abandoned park, these three men created a community of former soldiers who just wanted a comfortable place to sleep, by building them a house. This trio will oversee the construction of 50 individual houses that their brothers and sisters in war can put their head on a pillow and find peace.

This is a prime example of goodness at work. Hooray Cafe salutes these three men,
and the soldiers that will benefit from their generosity.

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