Sarah Knight Offers Her Magical Advice on Not Giving an “F”

June 17, 2017

Have you ever wished that you weren’t easily bothered or stressed by the little things in life? Have you ever longed to be that person?  The type of person that always tells it like it is, and isn’t afraid to speak their mind?

A lot of people don’t even realize how much weight they are carrying that doesn’t rightfully belong to them. Bearing the stress of others’ commitments, arrangements, and plans, simply because you are too afraid to speak up, or create any conflict.

Yet, you are still creating conflict, it just falls within your own life, as opposed to another.  So, like many things that we put off simply because we are tending to everyone else, we often lose sight of what makes us happy.

When living to constantly please or impress others, you will soon realize that in the process of pursuing their dreams and goals, yours became lost in the shuffle. This is really to way to live.

Now, what if you were given the secret to changing all of this, and living your life to the fullest? What if the secret was as simple as not giving a f**k?!

Well, you’re in luck! That is the answer! In the below TEDx Talk, Sarah Knight tells us just how to accomplish this mindset, ultimately leading to a happier, less stressful and more fulfilling life.

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