Do Your Part to Change The World, Simply By Being Happy

June 17, 2017

Jacqueline Way is the founder and executive director of 365give. This non-profit organization quickly grew from its original blog format  into an educational program that seems to be flourishing.

Jacqueline discovered that the National Institute of Health had studied, then concluded, that giving to others makes you a happier person. Giving is, in fact, better than receiving. This has been scientifically proven.

Giving to others activates the areas of the brain associated with pleasure, social connection, and trust. Altruistic behavior releases endorphins producing the positive feeling known as the “helper’s high,” which makes you feel happy, improves health, and promotes cooperation.

What this means is that giving back and doing good–on a daily basis–can ensure that you are happier all year long. Now imagine that thought on a larger scale. Let’s start with just your community as an example. If every member of your community made it a point to uplift and give to another member, how would that look? Wonderful right? The idea instantly brings a smile to your face, simply by just thinking about it. Now, think bigger. The entire state? Country? World? Amazing right?

Giving, even in the smallest fashion, can and will someday change this world for the better. When we decide to make it a point to give, happiness will be close behind, spreading like wildfire. The same happiness that leads to better moods and more giving. What an awesome cycle!

If you are looking for ways to give back, or simply keep track of all of the awesome acts of kindness taking place in your area, be sure to learn more about our Goodness’ Sake Project.

In the below video, Jacqueline explains a little more about the 365give program and how this can truly make you a happier person. She also discusses how to participate and become involved. It is a wonderful program and an inspiring idea. Watch the video below to learn more!



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