Officer Tommy Norman: An Example of Someone Doing it Right

June 9, 2017

Police Officer Tommy Norman, nearly a 20-year veteran in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is making headlines for all of the right reasons. With tensions among law enforcement and citizens at an all time high, Officer Norman is the breath of fresh air that we all so desperately need.

Determined to make a difference, bridge the divide amongst us,  and pave the way to a new way of policing our communities, Officer Norman has made quite the name for himself. Once you read his full story, included in the link below, it won’t take long at all to see why he is so important to his community, and to the very existence of humanity as a whole.  Officer Norman, please continue to do exactly what it is that you’re doing. We can only hope that soon others–both law enforcement and citizens–will follow suit.

Be sure to read through to the end,  in order to take a peak at some of Officer Norman’s most popular videos online. With hundreds to choose from, it is definitely hard to settle on just one.

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By: Life writer Delenda Joseph
April 16th 2016

Meet Officer Norman, The Fun-Loving Cop That Social Media Can’t Get Enough Of

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