When You Take Control of Your Happiness, You Take Control Of Your Life; It All Begins With You

June 5, 2017

During her acceptance speech, Taraji Henson offers up some phenomenal and sound advice that we could all learn from. A reminder of one of life’s key lessons, and also the best way to ensure that our happiness is controlled by us alone. In other words, what others think about us is ultimately none of our business.

The opinions of others should have absolutely no effect on how we decide to live our life. The projection of others’ fears and anxieties should never determine how our story ends. We are the authors, editors, and publishers of our own book. Once we allow others to begin making decisions on our behalf, we then begin the process of writing their work, living their life, and doing for them, as opposed to what fulfills our hearts.

When we begin to live for others, worrying about what they think, or making decisions solely based on their acceptance of us, it is almost guaranteed that we will miss our true calling.

Finding our purpose on this earth and who we are meant to be,  is one of the most valuable, and sought after journeys that man seeks. Offering an endless amount of inspiration and clarity, as well as a sound reason to wake with desire and passion each morning.

Think about this for a moment: What would your life look like if you allowed others to project their fears and opinions onto you? What would be different had you listened to others, as opposed to following your heart? Personally, I wouldn’t have either of my children or even my career. That in itself is enough for me to continue to silence the outside chatter, tune into, and listen to my inner voice within.

Making big changes is certainly scary, and at times we will question whether or not we are doing the right thing.  That’s okay because most often, some of life’s most amazing rewards are nestled deep within our biggest fears, and our greatest risks.

When in doubt, take that leap of faith. You will either land or grow your wings on the way down. Either way, the risk is worth it. Some of the greatest things in life are right on the other side of fear. Relinquish that fear, and begin allowing nothing but blessings to enter your life.

That will then bring forth the true definition of happiness, your happiness.



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