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In Honor Of World Environment Day: Picture All The Places That Matter #WithNature

June 5, 2017

In honor of #WorldEnvironmentDay, the link below will take you to a site that allows you to post a video or picture of your favorite place in nature, and a description as to why.  The World Environment Day website was created to celebrate the environment, get us back in touch with nature, and also assist in creating the world’s largest virtual photo album.

Once uploaded you can tag your photo or video with either #WorldEnviornmentDay or #WithNature so that these can be tracked and collected accordingly.

This will also allow you the opportunity to have your photo or video seen, and possibly shared, by thousands across the globe. This also includes political leaders at exhibitions held at the United Nations Headquarters. That’s a pretty big deal for just sharing photos of your secret hideaway.

The below picture represents my favorite place #WithNature for a few different reasons.  This view is what I see each morning from my kitchen window as the sun rises. It represents stability, a happy home, a loving family, a new day and another chance to start fresh.


Essentially, this photograph represents a new beginning, captured in one frame and somehow contained through just a window pane.

To get involved, first and foremost, share this post to spread the word, of course. Next, head to the World Environment Day  website, where you not only get to share your photos and videos, you also get to enjoy the thousands that others across the world have already uploaded.

Such a great way to celebrate the environment, while also being able to relic in the breathtaking beauty that this world has to offer #WithNature.

Happy #WorldEnvironmentDay! Explore something great today, every day for that matter!! Get back in touch with nature, our first playground.


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