‘Searching for Syria’ The World is Asking and Google is Answering

May 31, 2017

Technology continues in its advances, making leaps and bounds on a daily basis–even hourly at times. As hard as it seems to keep up with the latest trends, Google has been right there, leading the pack with each one.

In fact, Google can be credited with the creation of some of these highly sought after trends, in addition to also keeping track of them. So, what are we, the people,  most curious about in the world today? At the top of Google’s trending now list, on a worldwide scale, is the following topic:


In reference to Syria as the topic, there are 5 primary questions being asked by us, and they are as follows:

  1. What was Syria like before the war?
  2. What is happening in Syria?
  3. What is a refugee?
  4. Where are Syrian Refugees going?
  5. How can I help a Syrian Refugee?

The world is asking in an effort to simply try to understand the magnitude of the ‘Syrian Crisis’.  At six years and 48 days into the conflict, the once flourishing and historically rich country of Syria has reached a level of devastation nearly impossible to even put into words. However, Google has done just that in their response to the Syrian refugee crisis, with their new site, ‘Searching for Syria’.

In order to create this interactive site, Google, along with the U.N. Refugee Agency, utilized facts, figures, videos, testimonies, and imagery to assist us fully grasping what’s really happening in Syria, showing us what most minds just cannot wrap around.

What is seen is the very definition of heartbreaking. Conflicts have reached levels of such severity that it seems there is no end in sight. Solutions are quickly dwindling, right along with each house, hospital, and family, leaving many to wonder if they will ever return to their homes. Many bordering countries are now realizing the negative impact that such a high and quick influx in population has had. There simply are not enough resources available to accommodate refugees on this large of a scale.

Originally thought to be a temporary solution until conflicts resolved,  relocation may very well be the permanent solution, one that will require assistance by many to ensure the people of Syria find a place to call home.

For information on how you can help in this cause, visit Google’s Searching for Syria for details.


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