This MP3 Player is Educating Women and Uniting Communities in Africa

May 28, 2017

Bearing a very fitting name, the MP3forLife player holds the answers to over 400 health questions and concerns. This information will assist in educating the illiterate women in rural East Africa.

The solar-powered device was created by a German non-profit enterpirse, URIDU, as well as Tanzania’s Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. Just a few of the topics covered are health, nutrition, family planning, child care and work safety.

Even better,  these educational tools were also designed to assist in uniting and bringing communities together all in the name of #GoodnessSake.  When asked about the project, founder Felicitas Heynem, had this to say:

“We conceived the MP3forLife Player for small group listening – it fosters discussion, exchange and group building,”

This concept seems simple enough to those of us that have become so accustomed to living in our overly saturated, technology era. However, the process of making one of these life-changing devices is anything but.

The MP3forLife project actually required a little more than 10,000 volunteers, from 100 various countries, in order to translate the material. Once translated, it was then recorded by a native speaker of that particular language. Felicitas Heyne then went on to deliver these powerful and inspirational words, in regard to the women that would be receiving these devices.  –

“We want to provide basic knowledge to illiterate rural women, but we also want to create a team spirit among them. They are key to positive change in their countries. Wherever women are empowered, a favorable spiral is set in motion. Health and education improve, populations stabilize, economies grow,” said Heyne.

The MP3 players are distributed free of any cost to those in need, with the help of human assistance organizations in Tanzania. This is not only a  life changer but also something that could change the world, as we know it, as well. An invention that will bring unity amongst us all, world-wide, more than ever before.

If you would like to read more about this amazing project or find out how you can help please visit URIDU’s direct site for all the details.

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