In the Face of Tragedy, Look For the Helpers #RoomForManchester

May 23, 2017

As many already know, tragedy struck England last night as an Ariana Grande concert was finishing up. Fans of her music quickly found themselves victims of the most recent terrorist attack. Chaos ensued.

As most media outlets are focusing on the death tally, details of the attack, and who is responsible, we here at Hooray Cafe, would like to take a different approach. We would like to shift our energy and focus to the strong-willed and kind-hearted community of Manchester.

Following the explosion, the hashtag #RoomForManchester quickly started circulating across social media platforms, and not long after had gone viral. It was created as a means to notify those in need that they had a room available to take anybody in, offering a bed,  a couch, phone chargers and even the comfort of a cup of tea.

Businesses began taking in anybody that they could and also assisted in getting triage stations set up for emergency personnel as they arrived. Taxis immediately shut off their fare signs to begin shuttling those in and near the arena to a safer location.

Without hesitation, the community of Manchester stopped, took a deep breath, and became the helpers that they all desperately needed in that moment. Below are some tweets showing just how many were ready, willing and able to help in any way possible.

Anyone needing a lift/place to stay from the Manchester Arena, tweet Retweet and get this trending to help.

If you need a bed, a cup of tea, a charged phone etc. – I’m 15 mins from Manchester Arena. DM me, they’re open!

we have a spare double bed and two sofas available if anybody needs a place tonight. Salford area, 5 min taxi from arena

Steven Bartlett

Anyone needing somewhere to stay can come to our Manchester headquarters in the city centre.
127 Portland St M1 4PZ

Although it took a tragedy to cause such an outpour of unity and sense of community, we can choose to focus on the good. We always have the right to choose, and we say what perspective we are going to allow to run our minds, or day, and our efforts.We know that emotions of anger, fear, and negativity are what drove this senseless act. But, we also know that it was kindness, acceptance, and love that reacted to it.

When faced with a tragedy, particularly one that is carried out solely in the name of causing fear, look away. Do not look at the terror that is being caused. Shift your energy and focus away from those seeking it, and look for the helpers that have shown up instead; those that are not there to spread fear, but rather bring peace and reassurance, each one washing out the evil, and becoming a representation of compassion. This is proof there is still good in this world, and it comes to us amongst the helpers.

When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping. — Mister Rogers (Fred Rogers)

Our thoughts and many condolences go out to those impacted by such a violent and tragic event. Hooray Cafe is standing with you Manchester, and we know that through this, you will rise above and become an even stronger community than before.

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