Prince William Shares His Mother’s Passion for Making Others Smile

May 18, 2017

Princess Diana was certainly no stranger to sharing her kindness and doing good deeds. She was always able to bring a smile to the faces of nearly every individual she encountered.

It appears that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Prince William is following right along in his mother’s footsteps, doing his part to spread joy, do good by others and bring some smiles to the faces of those he meets

Prince William spent his Tuesday afternoon at the Royal Marsden Hospital visiting the young patients that are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, and he brought enough smiles with him to share. His Mother, Princess Diana, first visited the hospital in 1982, and later became the President of The Royal Marsden, up until her untimely death in 1997.

Prince William then took over in 2007 and based on the below video shared by Kensington Palace, it appears he is doing a fantastic job overseeing the over 50,000 patients treated there every year. One patient in particular, six-year old Daisy Wood, certainly took a liking to the Prince and thoroughly enjoyed him offering to check her blood pressure.

I’d say that Princess Diana’s legacy, and the kindness that she shared, definitely lives on. It can be seen on Prince William’s face, along with the unequivocal happiness and joy on the faces of those he engages with. A kind spirit, a smile and taking time to give back certainly goes a very long way.


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