Do Whatever Makes You Happy and Then Everything Else Will Fall Into Place

May 7, 2017

As open minded as we would all like to think that we are, nearly all of us are guilty of putting somebody into a category or class, based on appearance alone. However, more and more often we are finding those that are shedding stereotypes. They are breaking the mold, doing what they love, and what makes them feel good. It is such a beautiful thing to see someone genuinely being themselves, and ensuring that their needs, dreams, and desires are also met.

Lizzy Howell may not meet the requirements of what a ‘dancer’s’ body type should be, however, I bet she can out dance someone that does meet those very requirements.

You see, Lizzy’s feed that went viral was completely unintentional; her skills were just that good.  Thank you, Lizzy, for being such an inspiration, and teaching us all to follow our dreams, and to be brave, at such a young age! You’re amazing! Check out the link below, and you will see what passion, drive and doing what makes you feel good, regardless of what others have to say, looks like.

Lizzy Howell Reinvents The Ideology Of Being A Dancer




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