The Woman Entrepreneurs of Liberia are Ensuring that Their Country Makes A Comeback

May 5, 2017

History is being made in Liberia, in all the right ways. Which is probably why you won’t find this story on mainstream media. However, that doesn’t make this movement any less important or of impact.

In fact, it’s what we aren’t seeing on mainstream outlets that we should really be paying attention to. These are the stories that have the capability of truly changing the world, for the better. These stories make a positive difference in humanity.

Entrepreneurism in women is on the rise, and Liberia is no exception. In fact, as the below article by GOOD reveals, the woman entrepreneurs of Liberia are single handily revitalizing the country’s economy. This, just three years after they faced their worst Ebola epidemic of all time, resulting in over 11,000 deaths and taking the country to a crippling breaking point.

Yet, Liberians are overcoming in record strides, now able to see the light at the end of what once felt like an impossibly dark tunnel.

‘How Female Entrepreneurs Are Revitalizing Liberia’s Economy’

By: Vivienne Woodward
April 18, 2017







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