I’ll Push You: A Story of Two Friends, a Wheelchair, and a 500-Mile Journey

April 26, 2017

Here is a truly inspiring message that also tugs at every heartstring we have! This is a powerful example and true representation of what can happen, physically and mentally, when you dig down deep and push harder than you ever thought you could. It is a valuable demonstration that the limitations we self-apply are mostly in our minds.

It is amazing how we will go so much further for somebody that we cherish, or know we should. If it was solely just us seeking that same accomplishment for ourselves we likely have convinced our way out of completion. This proves that kindness and empathy are engrained in our DNA. Humans are naturally born pure at heart and have the genetic make-up to be givers, lovers, and helpers.

As you watch this captivating trailer, we think you might cry. This story will touch you on levels that aren’t often reached. We encourage you to visit the official I’ll Push You site, to stay up to date on this incredible journey of faith and friendship. You can also learn more about how you can help with this campaign, and spreading such an incredible message.

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