There is Almost Always Time in Any Day to do Something Kind

April 19, 2017

At times, the entire concept of giving back–donating items to a local charity, or even just donating your time–seems overwhelming and hard to fit into a typical day. Often times, the idea of it being “a project” is why it is put off for so long.

However, you might find that being kind is never a hassle when you realize how simple acts are never more than a smile or touch away. The below article shares some great ways to spread kindness. It also is a great reminder of how significant the small things can be, and that they do matter.

These are deeds that can be done in an afternoon, yet they too will make somebody’s day. There is no need to make the act of kindness, love and charity bigger than it is. Go do something kind today!

22 TINY acts of kindness you can do in the middle of your week | "The world is a kinder place when you're kind." unknown


1. Reply to the person who sent a group email. So often group emails go unanswered because everyone assumes someone else has replied to the sender. Send a quick reply of thanks.

2. Hold the door for someone.

3. Let a parent with young kids in their cart go in front of you in the grocery line.

4. Say thank you to someone who made your life a bit better today. A group fitness instructor, your child or spouse, the neighbor who dropped a misdirected piece of mail off on your doorstep…

5. Send a thinking-of-you text.

I 6. Make eye contact with anyone who serves you. Cashiers, dry cleaners, baristas, receptionists, medical personnel, house cleaners, car washers, etc.

7. If you see one person taking a photo of someone else, offer to use their camera and take a photo of them together. (I love to do this when we’re out exploring. It’s such an easy gesture that people always appreciate.)

8. “Like” every photo in your Instagram feed. If you have an extra few minutes, leave sincere comments.

9. Bring in your neighbor’s trash cans or newspaper. Or if you’re cleaning out your cans, clean out theirs too.

10. Offer to hold a friend’s baby.

11. Pay for the person behind you in a drive-through, or put extra coins in metered parking when you pull out.

12. When on the road, make a habit of giving other cars the right of way.

acts-of-kindness13. Leave a generous tip, or leave your change in a tip jar.

14. Send more photo texts to your parents. They like to see what you’re up to.

15. Ask your friend an engaging question about herself.

16. In the back page of a journal or in an app on your phone, make a list of things your friends and family members love. Does one of your closest friend always take Hot Tamales on a road trip? (Oops, that’s me.) Does your sister love when the salted caramel hot chocolate comes back at Starbucks? (Oops, also me. 😉 ) File these observations away for future reference.

17. Pick up litter when you notice it and throw it away.

18. Read a book to your child.

19. For an act of kindness with a bit of whimsy, carry a stack of post-it notes in your purse and leave motivational love-notes in public places. “You are the kindest person I know. (Yes you.)” “You are beautiful inside and out.”

22 Acts of Kindness You Can do in the Middle of Your Day20. Write a positive review for a book, product, or restaurant you enjoyed. It benefits the author or owner, and it benefits other consumers. #winwin

21. Use people’s names when you talk to them. It feels good to be noticed and known.

22. Pause for an extra second in your exchanges with people. So often when you stay put just a moment longer than usual, you’ll find people share something they needed to. (I owe my friend Melanie for teaching me this lesson.)

“The world is a kinder place when you’re kind.” unknown

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