Immigration Is Definitely Nothing New To America, As History Shows

April 17, 2017

There is no denying that immigration is currently an extremely touchy and hot topic in our country. In fact, immigration and refugees seem to be something that nearly every country has become all too familiar with.

Today is an important date in the history of American immigration. On this date, April 17th,  110 years ago, more immigrants entered the U.S. than on any other day in history. In that 24-hour period, 11, 747 came into our country. This day alone is responsible for the naming of Ellis Island Family History Day.

Today, 100 million Americans are here because they or their ancestors came through the “Golden Door” on Ellis Island. That means that over 40% of our citizenry is here because of Ellis Island immigrant relatives. Hooray Cafe salutes Ellis Island. Hooray Cafe salutes us.

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