Spring Cleaning Not Only Your Home, but Also Your Mind, Body and Soul

April 12, 2017

There is just something about the first days of spring that make you want to start fresh–inside and out! When you hear those birds chirping as you feel the warm sunshine on your face, as it begins to rise earlier and set later with each passing day, there is a sense of coming alive.  You can hear the calming hum of  lawn mowers in the distance and smell the fresh cut grass for miles. Spring is in the air!

What is it about all of these signs of a new season that just makes us want to clean? Matter of fact, what is it about the dark and cold days of winter that makes us want to acquire so much stuff to begin with? Whatever it may be, nothing feels better than ridding your home of extra winter weight. We invite you to take pleasure in organizing everything you can get your hands on and wiping down every surface you can reach.

It almost feels ritualistic in a way, as if it’s possible to wipe away the long and hard winter, making space for some of spring’s sunshine to reside. However, spring cleaning can  and should be utilized in more ways than just physically cleaning your home. You may be ready for a good spring cleaning yourself.

In the below article, written by ‘Positively Smitten Magazine’  you’ll find some great tips on how to fully cleanse your home, mind, body and soul.  Armed with this information and some of these great ideas,  you will be able to make this year’s spring cleaning one that will truly be life changing.

Let the cleaning begin!


Spring Cleaning for Your Mind, Body and Soul

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