Three Practices to Take You from Overwhelmed to Warmly Whelmed

April 12, 2017

Sometimes, life can get the best of us, which throws us off a bit. When this happens, it’s very important to know how to get back to a positive and calm state of mind and a level way of thinking and feeling. And, even negative emotions are perfectly normal and natural. We all have them. However, it is important to acknowledge them, look for a solution and then… move on.

Check out this idea: If we have no control over a situation, why obsess over it? If you allow it to consume you it will do just that.  The next time you are feeling just a bit overwhelmed, anxious, or downright stressed out, remember some of these tips to nudge that negativity to the curb…


Three Practices for the Overwhelmed, Stressed, Anxious




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