50 Ways To Practice Self-Care and Why This is So Important

April 11, 2017

In life, with the constant juggling act of work, family and community, often one becomes overlooked. More times than not, it’s the task that involves finding time for ourselves.  Many find it so easy to find time for, and care for, our kids and loved ones, and we seem to always have time to do just “one more” task for work. However,  when it comes to ourselves, we find it more than acceptable to put that bubble bath on hold, or skip just one more morning yoga session.

We figure “Why not?” it’s not hurting anybody but me, and I won’t be mad about it. Or, so we try to convince ourselves.

Self care matters. Lack of it, for too long, will begin to take its toll on you mentally and physically. This can happen even when we say we won’t let it happen, and also when we don’t even notice that it is happening.

As selfish as it sounds, we must learn to put ourselves first,  as opposed to doing anything and everything, for everybody else prior to us. It’s just like the announcement that they give you before taking off on an airplane. After they advise you on how to properly use the oxygen masks, they then tell you to ensure that you have your mask in place first, and then assist others with theirs. The reason behind this disclaimer is simple –  “How can you help anyone else, if you’ve passed out due to lack of oxygen?”

Think of life in the same context.  Placeyour mask on first then assist others with theirs. In the long run, you will actually be able to assist and help more people by putting yourself up in the front of the line.

To help get you started here is an article by ‘Thirteen Thoughts’ that includes ’50 Ways To Practice Self-Care.’ It is well overdue time to love ourselves as well as others, and just as often.


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