Brave Fourteen-Year Old Saves Five-Year Old Boy From Drowning

April 7, 2017

I think we are all plagued with question “What would we do if it were up to us to save a life?” It’s nice to assume that we would spring right into action and handle everything calmly,  without panic. However, how would one really know unless they were put into that situation first hand?

For fourteen-year-old Iosefa Riley John (Riley), from Alaska, he was presented with that moment. His response? Amazing! Although terrified, as  Riley states in the article below, he still didn’t hesitate to jump off of a 15′ cliff into freezing waters below. Ultimately, he saved five-year old Mason’s life. Outstanding Riley! Great job!

14-Year-Old Plunges into Freezing Waters to Save Life of 5-Year-Old Boy, After Falling Off 15′ Cliff



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