Born Without a Voice, His Dream of Becoming a Rapper Comes True

March 26, 2017

Originally posted by Upworthy, today we bring you a story about a young man named Isaiah. Born with a rare birth defect, his mother was given the hard choice of keeping him, or not. Doctors told her that he would never walk, run, speak or breathe in his life.  Thankfully, she didn’t allow that to stop her, and she chose to give this child life and a chance.

Isaiah has been nothing short of a miracle. Now walking, running and enjoying life, Isaiah plays a huge role in his community and is admired by everybody he comes into contact with.

Although still unable to speak or breathe on his own, Isaiah has so much to say. In the video feed below, watch, as he is finally granted his dream of turning his thoughts into music, and also finding his voice for the first time. This is Isaiah’s story…

He may not be able to talk, but he's still making his dream of being a rapper come true. (via and Children's Miracle Network Hospitals)

Posted by Upworthy on Thursday, March 9, 2017

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