Parenting Done Right! Hate Cannot Drive Out Hate, Only Love Can

March 23, 2017

When nine-year old Bodi was being bullied because of his long hair, this awesome dad sat him down to address the negative and ever present world of bullying. He took the time to shed some light on the fact that bullying often stems from a person simply being different than the majority of their peers.

However, that does not justify their demeaning actions, nor is it of good cause to single one out and harm them. We should be celebrating and enjoying our differences, not destroying each other because of them.

Bodi’s hair is grown long because he plans on donating it. That alone is another reflection that he is being raised with respect and values. It is also a prime example that what some perceive as weird or odd, could actually be something pretty darn cool.

Rather than telling his son to “fight back” or asking him “did you tell a teacher?”, this father seized a perfect opportunity to teach his son a life lesson. We would say they both passed!

People of all ages and walks of life–you and I–can really benefit and learn from his positive and open approach. He speaks with his son, and not at him. He speaks in a light-hearted manner that encourages his son to voice his story, his opinion, and his feelings.

Bullying is a hard nut to crack, and many kids do not open up for fear of retaliation. Ultimately, more times than not, parents are not made aware of the fact that there is even an issue until it is too late.

In life, we are unable to control every situation that may find its way to us. However, we do always have control over how we react to a particular incident. The more that we begin to allow irrelevant situations to simply “roll off of our back,” the more we will all begin to notice kindness, acceptance, and positivity ignite within; spreading like wildfire through humanity.

When our only solution to bullying is to teach our children to ‘fight back,’ it always reminds me of the following quote by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Darkness does not drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate does not drive out hate; only love can do that.”

With bullying on the rise, right along with teen suicides caused by bullying, I’d say ‘fighting back’ isn’t proving very effective. So, let’s try a new approach, an approach that has always been the right way, whether we saw it our not; an approach that actually withstands life itself, in addition to improving the quality of it. Let’s learn, as a whole, how to combat the bad spirits with good vibes, the wrong paths with the right choices. Let’s eliminate that empty darkness with a light so bright that darkness flees. Let’s replace misguided hate with unconditional love and understanding.

Love is the approach that will yield results and illuminate all things that are good in this world. In the end, love will always conquer all.

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