Being Weird is a Wonderful Thing

March 22, 2017

Here, Ed Sheeran speaks at the American Institute for Stuttering as reassures us that being weird is a wonderful thing. In life, you should learn to embrace your quirks, love your imperfections, and never try to be somebody that you were just not meant to be. If you spend your days trying to hide who you are and attempting to be what you think others want you to be, you are surely going to miss the whole point of life altogether.

Although–as he claims–Ed Sheeran was a very, very, weird child, things turned out more than ok for him. It could quite possibly be because he learned to accept and embrace himself at a very young age. Be you, love yourself, and the world will love you too. Remain loyal to the person that you were meant to be. You just never know the good that could come of it, and the lives you will change with your confidence and self-acceptance.

Embrace Who You Are – Ed Sheeran

"I was a very, very, very weird child"- Ed Sheeran at American Institute for Stuttering

Posted by Goalcast on Tuesday, March 14, 2017


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