Through a Child’s Eyes the World Really is a Better Place

March 9, 2017

This story is solid proof, yet again, that prejudice and hate are learned. We become prejudiced when we are taught to notice and be wary of the differences in those around us. But, the eyes and mind of an innocent child simply sees people. They see their friends, family, teachers and neighbors, and not more.

In this case, a young man by the name of Jax has an exciting idea that will allow him to look just like his friend Reddey. In the wholesome eyes of Jax, the only thing that he would need to do in order to look just like his best bud Reddey is get a spiky hair cut. Jax is also entertained by the idea that on Monday when both of the boys show up, the teacher won’t know who is who, and think that they are twins.

As you can see, Jax and Reddey’s similarities are almost startling. In a child’s eyes, there are no minorities or dominate races, no culture or gender differences. There is straight hair and spiky hair, and playing silly tricks on your teacher.

It’s time we all started to look at our surroundings through the lenses of an accepting heart, and find our inner child again. It truly would change the world, and for the better. These boys are right on with this way of thinking. After all, we are all in the same race; the Human Race.



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