The X-Plan: A Potentially Life Saving Code That Gives Teenagers a Way Out

March 1, 2017

What seems like a simple letter could potentially be the one thing that saves your teen’s life. It’s being referred to as the X-plan. In short, it is a safe word. It allows your child to send you one letter (X), which represents they need an ‘out’ of whatever situation they may be in at the time.


Peer pressure is a very real thing that many of our youth face. Although they may know that they should not be doing something, at times the fear of social ridicule from their peers is all too powerful. It is at this moment that poor decisions can be made. However, with this plan, your child sends you an “X” and you know it’s time for you to step in, to help them get out of a bad situation.

xplan-text1-2There are some stipulations that have been set into place by its originator, Bert Fulks, in order to ensure that this plan is implemented. Using this tool correctly helps build trust between the parent and child in the process. You can read all about this simple, yet very much needed plan by clicking here.

If you have children in their teens or those that are not too far behind, consider using this method or one that is similar. It can change an awkward or dangerous situation into one that has a positive outcome.

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