Man’s Best Friend Travels Miles to Track Down a Volunteer He Only Met Once

February 27, 2017

This is the story about a volunteer at an animal shelter, by the name of Abbey, and one shy dog named Ted. Turns out, Ted is actually not so much shy as he is¬†particular. On this day, he was interested in two things and two things only: bacon, and the woman that gave it to him. So interested in fact, that Ted actually escaped from the animal shelter, traveled miles and, incredibly, ended up right on Abbey’s porch. All of this was done by just using the scent Ted had obtained from Abbey after only one encounter. That must have been some good bacon!

You can read the full story about Ted’s amazing journey by following the link below. Also, find out about what the two of them are up to today.

Dog Escapes Shelter and Runs Miles to Find Volunteer He Only Met Once

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